July 9, 2014

Port Gamble, WA

My In-Laws came up this past weekend (and by this past weekend I mean two months ago.  I started this post before I took a month off from blogging.  Oops!)  My father-in-law went on a Men’s Retreat with The Man and my mother-in-law hung out with Munchkin, my mom and I.  Munchkin was in grandma heaven, having both her Nana and her Grammy here.  What more could a little girl want?  Instead of sitting around the house all day Saturday, we decided to visit Port Gamble.  It’s one of our favorite places near us. It’s a cute village that used to be a logging town.  There are Victorian style houses that remind me of New England (maybe that why I like it so much?)  If I had been getting married in WA, I would have gotten married in Port Gamble.  It’s already at the top of my list for when my kiddos need it (it’s good to be prepared, right?!?)  There are gorgeous views of the sound and a super cute church, complete with white steeple.
Many Waters Port Gamble, WA

Mom & I always eat at the Tea Room when we visit.  They have the best chicken salad sandwich and it’s what I order just about every time we visit.  My mom usually gets the turkey and provolone sandwich because she loves the cranberry mustard.  Grammy got the roast beef and almost licked the plate it was that good!  Munchkin enjoyed her fruit cup and the extra whipped cream.  The food is outstanding and the tea is just as good.  My favorite is the caffeine free San Francisco fruit tea.  I just love this tea house!  The owner is super friendly and always takes time to talk to her guests. 
 Many Waters Tea Room
We also like to stop in the shops while we’re there.  We visited the General Store (before lunch) and Munchkin found some cute little animal friends.  Nana had to buy them for her of course.  They kept her busy through out lunch and they are a new favorite toy, so they are getting plenty of playtime.  After lunch we stopped at the yarn shop so Nana could get some yarn she has seen last time and hasn’t been able to forget about.  Grammy even got some yarn as it inspired her to pull out her knitting needles. 
Many Waters New Friends
The General store also has yummy ice cream that we sometimes get.  It’s just fun to visit and walk around.  They even put in a playground recently so I’m looking forward to taking Munchkin back to play on it now that it’s open!


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