August 8, 2014

Snuggle That Baby

Munchkin has been extra snuggly lately (which is saying something) and one night recently as she snuggled and fell asleep in my arms, I realized how much I had missed that.  I loved it when Munchkin was a baby and would fall asleep in my arms or on my chest.  There is nothing as peaceful as watching your child sleep in your arms.  Nothing was as important as the snuggle time either.  The chores still got done eventually but the kiddo isn’t that little anymore.  I’m so glad I got those snuggles while I could!  I’m looking forward to having another little squish to cuddle.  We’re a cuddly family so we’re hoping that Punkin likes to cuddle and snuggle too.  I don’t think snuggling my kiddos will ever get old!
Many Waters Snuggle Your Baby

Of course, as I laid there with my two year old looking forward to cuddling another baby, I started to feel overwhelmed and a little sad.  It’s going to be totally different with Punkin than it was with Munchkin.  First of all, there’s Munchkin.  I’ll have a almost two and a half year old running around, which I didn’t have last time.  She’ll want to be fed and cuddled her self (she’s a HUGE cuddlebug.)  Then last time DH wasn’t working and he was home a lot.  This time he’s probably only taking a week off of work, plus he’s in school full time.  So there will be days that he’s barely around.  Thankfully that will only be for about a month but what a rough first month it could be!  My mom will be around too, to help.  I know she’ll be a huge help.  I’m still a little worried that I won’t get a lot of snuggle time with Punkin but we’ll take it as it comes.  I’m hoping to find little pockets of time to really be in the moment with Punkin.  (I have no idea how to do this with two kids…any advice from those of you that have done this before?!?)
Many Waters Snuggle

I think I’ll (try to) take the advice I was given when I had Munchkin and that I have since given to others:  The dishes and laundry and cleaning will keep.  You baby won’t!  Snuggle that baby because they grow so fast.  I’m hoping Munchkin won’t get too jealous and that I’ll be able to snuggle them both at the same time.  Two arms for two little girls and a heart overflowing with love for both of them.


  1. You KNOW I'd take Munchkin (if she'd let me) so you can get some Punkin snuggle time in!

  2. I was wondering the same thing when I was pregnant with Ric. I was terrified. It kind of just works out eventually. Take as much help as your mom wants to give, make sure you make special time for one on one dates with Munchkin after Punkin comes. It doesn't have to be all the time, but I always tried for once a month.

    Josh and I will be here too if you need some help or time alone with either of the girls or with the hubster. You have lots of friends around here that are always willing to help out. Don't be afraid to ask...that is what my downfall was...I put myself under so much stress because I thought I needed to do it all on my own (and Josh was gone for the first 8 weeks of Ric's life, so I was literally alone except the 2 weeks family were here...which made it more stressful after they left).

  3. Though I refused initially, I decided after a few months to enroll the older one in a 3-day/week preschool. It was only from 8am to 2pm, but it was worth the time I got with Little Miss alone or to do baby playdates, plus Stinker got some quality time with other kids his age and learned a lot. You will find time, because you'll make time. My older ones now play independently while I snuggle the baby. But it probably helps that I have two to entertain (i.e. fight with) each other ;)

  4. Relax, it will be fine! promise! I did all this a long time ago (my oldest two are 19 & 18) just forget housework and have cuddles instead. Seriously, only do the absolute essentials - people need food, clean plates to eat from and clean clothes- that's it! Those clothes don't even need to be smooth!
    I found reading books to toddler whilst feeding baby was a great multitasker, especially early on when you can be there for some time.
    Also let the toddler have as many cuddles with the baby as they want, even if it's not very convenient, it really helps them feel it's their baby not just a pain in the butt that's taking all mum's time.
    You will be fine because you already know how important cuddles are, grab as many as you can because this time is precious and it goes REALLY fast (clichéd but true!) Oh and don't forget to ENJOY!!!!!

  5. I love how you said the housework can wait. It's so true! The toddler I nanny is rarely in a snuggly mood, so when she is, I don't say no! Thanks for sharing with Hump Day Happenings.


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