September 15, 2014

A New Floor

When we bought our house four years ago, it had all new floors.  The whole downstairs had carpet as did the two bedrooms on the main floor.  The carpet downstairs got taken up pretty quickly after the washer flooded.  It took us awhile to replace it (but it’s finally all laminate now and looks great!) The rug came out of Munchkin’s room before she was born and we replaced that as well (two years ago!)  So all that was left was the nasty rug in our bedroom.  It’s had cats throw up on it and dogs poop on it.  It was just GROSS.  I really don’t like carpet very much but I dealt with it because well, it’s what was there and was working for the most part.

Many Waters A New Floor

When we bought the house four years ago we wondered around Home Depot and Lowe’s, looking at all sorts of things.  As we walked the flooring aisle in Home Depot we came across a flooring that we both fell in love with.  It was called African Wood and was a mix of dark and light colors.  We knew we had to find someplace to put it in our house.  For awhile we thought we’d put it downstairs.  Them my mom moved in downstairs and we turned it into a little apartment for her, so no African wood down there.  The Man came up with the idea of putting it in our bedroom.  Where better to put it so we can both see it everyday and love it?  We just kept talking about putting it in but since it was a special order we never got around to it.  Plus, there’s always something else that pops up that needs to be done first.  So my mom, who was convinced that The Man and I would both breathe better with the carpet out, offered to buy the floor for our anniversary present.  We jumped on that offer!  He ordered it and it came and the seven heavy boxes were sitting in our living room.  The Man has been so busy between working full time and going to school full time, plus other house projects, like putting in our oasis in the back, finishing my mom’s little apartment and gutting our bathroom (the kitties decided to pee in the there and it got into the woodwork and wouldn’t come out…so we get a new bathroom!)

Many Waters New Floor at foot of bed

Recently The Man FINALLY had a chance to put it in.  It took all day (the Duck game was a bit of a hindrance but it was a nice break for him) and while  we still don’t have everything moved back in.  We’re LOVING the new floor.  It looks so much better.  The room looks bigger and more open.  In addition to the new floor we got a new comforter set (after looking for one for 4 years) and new sheets.  We feel like we wake up in a hotel every morning!  I kind of just want to spend all day in there.  It’s so much nicer going to sleep and waking up in a room that you love!

Many Waters Munchkin and the New Floor

The new floor isn’t the end of the projects that The Man has to do.  He’s now working on our bathroom.  It’s been gutted and it’s slowly getting put back together.  It’s going to be awesome to have a new floor in the bedroom and a a brand new bathroom!  It will almost be like having a new house! 


  1. I absolutely love the new floor!!! Beautiful!

  2. woo! it looks so good! I miss our hardwood floors we had in Tacoma, we have carpet EVERYWHERE now and I hate it!

  3. We had carpet just about everywhere when we lived on base and I hated it. I prefer hardwood floors SO much more. Hopefully your next place won't have as much carpet:)

  4. I love the dark hardwood floors, we had light in military housing and since we got to choose what kind of floors we wanted in our new house I chose dark for sure!

  5. The hardwood that was already down in the hallway and living room when we moved it is dark so it goes pretty well. The funny thing is that I usually prefer a lighter wood, usually bamboo! I get so easily overwhelmed by all the choices though. How are you liking your new house?

  6. We love it! Since we did it all over the computer I think we got pretty damn lucky :) even though it totally worked out for us buying a house over the computer I wouldn't recommend it lol.


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