October 15, 2014

Multnomah Falls

The Man and I spent the past weekend in Oregon by the Columbia River.  We were there for a marriage enrichment retreat.  You know, because traveling four hours south when you’re 35 weeks pregnant is a good idea.  We’ve been wanting to go to one for a few years and figured if we didn’t go to this one who knows when we’d get a chance to make it to one!  Anyway, it was fine and we had a great time.  We were encouraged by the things we have already been doing and given some great tools and ideas on how to improve.  One of my favorite parts of the weekend was date night. 

Many Waters Multnomah Falls OR

We were done at three on Saturday so we would have plenty of time to go on a date and spend some quality time with our spouse.  We had decided before we went down that we would go to Multnomah Falls and eat at the Lodge at the base of the falls since it was pretty close.  Even better was the fact the internet said the walk to the base of the falls was only five minutes from the parking lot.  That was huge since my belly often hurts when I walk from long periods of time, even with a belly band. 

Many Waters Multnomah Falls 1

It was overcast as we left the hotel and not far down the road we hit a downpour.  Not exactly what I had planned but thankfully it stopped raining before we got to the falls.  I waddled my way up to the falls and we took in the beauty.  I love waterfalls and this one was no different.  Part way up is a little bridge and we decided to walk up there.  It’s .2 miles on a paved sloping walkway.  We took our time and we made it!  On the way back down I got some nervous looks from people walking up.  I was encouraged to take it slow (we were!) It was a nice walk and I’m glad we did it.  I’m looking forward to taking the girls back when they’re a little older so we can walk the mile to the top of the falls.

Many Waters Multnomah Falls

Many Waters At The Falls
Many Waters The Man and Multnomah Falls
 Many Waters 35w6 d
Many Waters Moss Covered Tree
Once we made our way back down the falls we taste tested some fudge (YUM!) and walked around the gift shop.  We were little early for our reservation but went in anyway, hoping they could fit us in early.  There was barely anyone there so we were seated right away.  We were seated by a fireplace with a real fire going.  The dining room was gorgeous, with high vaulted ceilings and stonework walls.  The food, while a little pricey was good.  The Man’s top sirloin looked better to me than my prime rib did but both were good.  We split a hot fudge cake that was delicious and gluten free (though a bit dry.)  You don’t get to see any photos of the food as I was too busy enjoying the time with my husband in the moment to remember to photograph the food.

Many Waters Multnomah Bridge
Many Waters Base of Multnomah Falls


  1. So amazing! I'm adding that to places Paul and I need to go visit, since we won't be far from it now. And you two look so happy together. How many people tell you you're glowing, btw? Cause you're totally glowing :D

  2. It is! You guys can visit when you move back:)

  3. You guys really should, the whole area is beautiful!

    And thanks! I don't feel glowing:/


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