October 10, 2014

Dressed Up Green Beans

I didn’t like green beans growing up.  I thought they were gross, mostly because they tasted boring.  I didn’t change my mind on green beans until I was living in China.  My apartment mate, Amy, liked green beans and she would make them.  We took turns cooking and to not eat them would have been rude.  I figured I had to at least try them again before I decided I didn’t like them.  Amy grew up eating them one way with a “special” ingredient.

Many Waters Dressed Up Green Beans

Amy’s mom sent the green bean “special” ingredient in a package so Amy could make them the way she liked them.  The special ingredient?  It’s Goya Ham Seasoning.  Super simple but it helps the green beans so much!  I’ve been hooked since the first time I tried them.  I’ve added a couple of more things but these dressed up green beans are they only way I’ll eat them.  I’ve been craving them this pregnancy as well, so I’ve been making them several times a week.  The Man and my mom are tired of eating them and Munchkin doesn’t like them (yet).  It’s gotten to the point where I’m making two veggies for dinner.  Even better is that these green beans fit into my GD diet.  I’ve even made them for lunch cause I love them so much!  These are perfect side for a midday dinner as they are super quick to whip up.


Green Beans
Goya Ham Seasoning
Parmesan Cheese
French Fried Onions


1.  Add the amount of green beans you want to a pot.

Many Waters Green Beans Step 1

2. Add just enough water to make sure that most of the green beans are covered.

Many Waters Green Beans Step 2

3. Add the ham seasoning.  If you’re doing a 1/2 a bag, use 1 packet.  If you’re doing a full (big) bag, use two seasoning packets.

Many Waters Green Bean Ham Seasoning

4.  Turn the burner to high and bring the water to a boil.  You can turn the heat down a little once the water is boiling if you’d like, but you are going to boil all the water away.  Doing this makes the green beans taste like the ham seasoning.  If you just boil them in the water the green beans won’t taste any different, which in my mind defeats the purpose of using it! So keep an eye on the green beans so you don’t burn them.

Many Waters Green Beans Step 3

5.  Once the water is gone, turn the heat off.  You can either transfer them to a serving bowl or add the remaining ingredients right into the pot, it’s up to you.

Many Waters Green Beans Step 5

6.  Add the freshly grated parmesan cheese.  I grate it right over the green beans.  I eye ball it as there is no set amount.  I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much cheese but some people might disagree. 

Many Waters Green Beans Step 6

7.  Add the desired amount of French fried onions.  Again, I usually can’t have too many but you might.  Add what you deem is an appropriate amount.

Many Waters Green Beans Step 7

8.  Mix well. 

9. Serve and enjoy!

Many Waters Green Beans with dinner


  1. Kyle and I aren't a huge fan of them either. The only way we eat them is if they are sauteed with onions and garlic then add chicken broth and let it reduce down. They are so good!

  2. Interesting! I'm not a big fan of Green beans myself, but I'm tempted to try this recipe!

  3. We eat tons of green beans! Being born and raised in the South we've made ours using bacon, ham, smoked ham hocks, etc. I like the addition of the ham seasoning:)

  4. That sounds good too! I'll have to try them that way too:)

  5. Anything tastes better with bacon! My friend is Southern so she taught this New Englander a thing or two when we lived together:)

    Thanks for coming by!

  6. I love the crockpot! Your green beans sound good too!

    Thanks so much for visiting:)


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