October 29, 2014

Punkin’s Birth Plan

I had a birth plan with Munchkin that was two pages long. I put a lot of thought and time into it. I feel like most of it got thrown out the window but in reality, a good portion of it was followed. I think the most valuable aspect of the birth plan was making it because it made me really think about what I wanted (or what I thought I wanted.)  I never shared it on the blog and it’s currently resting in the bowels of a computer that no longer turns on, waiting to be retrieved from the hard drive by some expert who can also save my photos.  I wasn’t going to do a birth plan this time around, as I already know what I want and have thought things through plenty in the two years since I had Munchkin.  However, I’ve been encouraged by my OB to have one. She and the others who will be at the birth can’t read my mind so I guess it will help them to know what I’d like.  The Man knows and will fight for what I want if need be but it’s good to have it in writing too. 

Many Waters The Birth Plan

I remember while I was writing the last one, the nervousness I felt. As a first time mom, you know that labor is painful. After all, everyone and their sister has shared their horror story with you. The unknown is scary and labor is unknown, especially since it’s so different for every person. Writing the birth plan this time was different. Having been through labor, it’s no longer unknown. I feel like I’ve been tested and now I know what my body is capable of. I know that I can handle being induced. I can handle contractions, and pitocin fueled contractions without medication. I’ve experienced transition, again without medication. I know how nice an epidural can be. I’ve had my worst case scenario for labor play out…ending with a c-section (well, having something happen to the baby or me is really worst case scenario, but a c-section was right up there.)  I’m not as nervous or anxious this time. It’s nice actually, to not be so worried about it. I know that no matter what kind of birth Punkin ends up with, VBAC or RCS, I can handle it. My body can handle it. It’s nice to have that quiet confidence.
So with those thoughts, here is Punkin’s birth plan and it’s much shorter, sweeter and the point:

To those who will be taking care of us during the birth of our daughter:
Thank you for all your hard work and care of us and our daughter Punkin while we are here with you. We know that birth is unpredictable and that things can change quickly. These are our preferences and totally understand that sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to. Thank you for taking them into consideration.
The Man & Poekitten

· The Man would like to watch Punkin being born
· Poe would like Punkin to be placed on her abdomen/chest as soon as possible after she is born. Of all the points on this page, this is the one that is most important to both of us.
· The Man would like to cut the cord (or trim it as the case may be)
· Poe would like to take her placenta home. It will be picked up a couple of hours after giving birth
· We would like one of us to be with Punkin at all times
· Please do not give Punkin the routine eye ointment or the Hepatitis B vaccination. We will sign any forms necessary
· Poe is planning on breastfeeding so we would prefer that no formula or pacifiers be given without our consent
· We would like to delay the first bath for as long as possible
· If Punkin’s bilirubin levels require light therapy, we would like to have access to a light blanket to use, that way we can still snuggle and breastfeed Punkin

In the event that Poe goes into labor before the scheduled RCS and has a VBAC, she would like:

· To be able to labor in the water as much as possible to help with pain management
· To be able to move around as much as possible during labor
· To have use of a birth ball
· To not be offered an epidural. If she decides she wants one she’ll ask for it
· For pitocin (if given) to be turned up small doses over a longer period of time
· Poe would like to know before forceps or a vacuum is used.

Did you write a birth plan?
Did you find is useful?


  1. LOL, mine is 2-3 pages long right now. But mostly because it's put into sections and bullet pointed, so that takes up more space.

  2. Yup, Mine had sections and was bullet pointed too. No shame Mama!

  3. I wrote one for my first, didn't use it, and then didn't bother writing another one for the other kids. I more or less knew what I wanted, and just verbally communicated that with the doctors & nurses.

  4. Love this! It is so funny to read the names as Poe/Man/Pumkin!!! I haven't seen the updated blog till now - very nice! So excited for you! I had a LONG birth plan for the first, short verbal directions for the second, and then we had verbal directions for the third... It is crazy how each birth is so different... and my emotions were so different too. XOXO Miss you!

  5. I had a birth plan with my son, it was 8 bullets long. Didn't even bother with one for my daughter since I didn't use it the first time (my son came too fast). Yours seems really good though. One question, did you have to get permission to take your placenta?

  6. I wasn't going to write one either but since my OB asked more than once....I did it. It is just as easy to verbally communicate it once you're there!

  7. I think a long one for the first is normal:) How are you all doing? Are you settled into the new house and making friends in the new town? Miss you too!

  8. Thanks!

    As for the placenta, it depends on the hospital. I know in some states (like Texas) you have to jump through hoops to get your placenta. Living in the crunchy PNW though, it's normal here. I just have to let them know so they don't put it in chemicals or anything like that.

  9. I didn't have birth plan with Julia; my doctors actually didn't recommend one for first-time moms since we didn't know what the heck we were doing! I was okay with that since my "plan" all along was to go with the flow. I also had a good relationship with my doctors and felt like they knew me pretty well. This time, however, my midwives here want me to write one, which makes me nervous! They told me that they'll help me write it, since I have no idea what I'm doing! I like a lot of the things you mention. Question, though, if you don't mind me asking: why no eye ointment or hep B?

  10. Yay! Glad you have this :) I did not have a birth plan with my first.

    With my second I had both a plan for me and a plan for baby -- short, sweet, to the point -- it never got used, because when she was born in the car, I figured I didn't need it. Little did I know the new regulations at many hospitals requiring pitocin be used for management of bleeding post-birth. Sigh. Neither my doula nor my husband stopped me to ensure I knew the nurses were giving me pitocin, though it was on the birth plan that was buried in my hospital bag (that my doula helped me write... ahem, yeah, I didn't give her any sort of glowing recommendation).

    With my third I didn't feel the need for a birth plan, because I was going to deliver with my midwives who knew exactly what I wanted... well, as you know, we delivered at a different hospital and I had to verbally give the nurses and resident OB my preferences. Though I suppose it's good that I was so lucid during that labor, so it wasn't difficult for me to remind them. And, because I wasn't their patient and they had none of my records, they asked me a LOT of questions, so there was no way I could leave anything out ;) For the most part I got what I wanted, and they listened to me, though I did have to fight a bit for certain things.

    Can't wait to meet Punkin and hear how this birth goes!!!

  11. It's not hard to write the birth plan, it's just figuring out what you'd like and remembering that it could change:)

    As for the eye ointment, it's to prevent blindness in moms who have an STI, like gonorrhea. I don't have an STI, DH doesn't have an STI and since we only have sex with each other, we're good:) It stings and can interfere with bonding (I think.) Since we don't need it we refuse it. As for Hep B, I have a hard time injecting my newborn with all sorts of stuff. Birth is pretty traumatic and I don't think she needs it right away. She'll get it in a few months as part of her delayed vax schedule. It's what we're comfortable with. We do do the Vit K shot as that is for brain bleed. That is the one routine shot we allow.

  12. LOL. You and your quick births:) So maybe for the next one you should have one on hand just in case!


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