October 27, 2014

The To-Do List {38 Weeks}

So a couple of weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to make a to-do list of all the things I needed/wanted to do before Punkin arrives.  I kept thinking of things (usually when I was in the shower) and then forgetting.  Not sure if it’s Mommy brain or Pregnancy brain or a mix of both.  The list wasn’t as long as I was expecting.  I remember having a HUGE list with Munchkin…it must be because it’s the second kiddo. Getting ready for Punkin has been so different from Munchkin!  I wrote most of this list back when I was 33/34 weeks.  You can see how much I’ve gotten done.  Since I’m now 38 weeks, I should probably get moving on this list, right?!?!
Many Waters The To Do List

Here’s what I want/need to do before Punkin arrives:

1. Buy a pack or two of ‘sposies. 
We’ll use them for the first week or two while I recover before switching to cloth.  We started CDing Munchkin at 5 weeks but want to start earlier with Punkin.  I know that I won’t want to deal with cloth for that first week though.  Nothing wrong with that!

2.  Wash infant toys
I have a garbage bag full of Munchkin’s infant toys.  They’ve been on the bag for at least a year so I want to wash them before giving any of them to Punkin.  I know she won’t use them right away so this one might not happen before she gets her.  We’ll see how ambitious I am, especially since trying to get them out of the bottom of the washing machine won’t be fun with a big belly!

3. Get Bouncy Seat out of storage and wash cover
We loved our hand-me-down bouncy seat with Munchkin and I know we’ll be using it a lot with Punkin.  It’s currently in storage so we need to get it out so I can wash it.  We’ve just been waiting to get it out because I’m not entirely sure where it’s going to live.

4. Buy exercise ball
I should already have one since it would be helpful to sit on to help with positioning of the baby and hip pain.  Oh well.  We did use it a lot with Munchkin to help soothe her when she was cranky.  This one may or may not happen but it would be nice to have.
5. Wash Carriers

The Ergo and my ring sling haven’t really been used in about a year and have been sitting around collecting dust.  I’d like Punkin to use them nice and fresh so a simple gentle wash does the trick!  I CAN’t wait to use my ring sling with her! I’m also super excited (though nervous too!) about learning how to use the woven wrap we bought.  YAY for wearing the baby.

6. Message Doula about placenta pills
These were invaluable last time, especially during my postpartum depression.  I put my deposit down for my placenta pills back in April because I knew I would want them again.   I just need to figure to out how much we still owe and make arrangement with the doula for pick up of the placenta and drop off of the pills. 

7. Buy new nursing bras
I’m in desperate need of news ones as the ones I wore with Munchkin are pretty sad looking.  I had a few cheap ones from Motherhood Maternity.  While they did the job they weren’t the best.  I’m hoping to get measured and buy some better quality ones.  I am waiting till after Punkin is here cause I know I’ll get bigger once my milk in but I put in on the list so I won’t forget.

8. Strip and wash Boppy & Covers
They got washed before I put them away after using them with Munchkin but they could use a good strip and wash before I use them again.  Well, at least a wash…we’ll see if I actually get to the strip.

9. Christmas Layaway
This one is done as I was able to do it online.  We were going to do one more but it’s only two items and we’ll pick them up in December. YAY for getting (most of the) shopping done and not having to worry about it with a newborn!

10. Make leggings
I had been hording socks, some for Munchkin and a couple for Punkin.  I really wanted to make sure I had the turkey ones done for Punkin for Thanksgiving.  I managed to get 7 pairs made in one nap time.  That’s productivity (though they aren’t hard or take long!)

Many Waters Homemade Baby Leggings

11. Wash Baptismal gown
The gown was washed before Munchkin wore it two years ago and while I think it was washed after, I can’t remember.  Either way it needs to be washed again.  All these things that need to be washed…too bad they can’t all be done together (well, some can.  This one needs to be on gentle though!)

12. Wash bottles/check breast pump/get new membranes

While I’m planning on breastfeeding, there’s always the possibility that I’ll need to pump, either to supplement Munchkin or help my supply.  I hate pumping but know at times it’s necessary.  I should probably dig it out and make sure it still works!

13. Personalize Mei Tai carrier
I bought an Infantio Sash Mei Tai carrier for the purpose of personalizing it. I plan to add an Oregon Duck fabric panel to it. I’ve been considering adding snaps so I can add other panels, like Seahawks or holidays fabrics.  I just have to do it now.

14. Write birth plan
I was going to skip doing this but since my OB has mentioned it more than once I figure I should do it.  It should be easier this time around!

15. Pack hospital bag(s)
We way over packed last time. You would have thought we were moving in. I’m not planning on packing anywhere as much stuff this time around.  Even though we’ll be further away this time, my mom will be bringing Munchkin back and forth so if we forgot something she can bring it in.  At least I’ve bought toiletries so that’s a step in the right direction, right?!?!

16. Install Punkin’s car seat in the van
We’re not using an infant car seat this time around. Instead we’re starting Punkin off in a convertible car seat.  We already have one (well, we have two, one for each car) so we’ll just be moving it from the truck to the van and adjusting the height. 

I'm sure there's more but that's all I have on the list for now.  Any guesses on how much I'll get done before Punkin arrives?


  1. Admittedly, I am a little freaked out about the placenta pills, but impressed you used them!

    38 weeks is the longest I have ever been pregnant so I am already stressing for you. :P

  2. I only made it to 35 weeks, and we had so little done. I think we had the crib and changing table set up, and that was it.

  3. Placenta pills aren't for everyone. If you saw them, you'd never know what they were unless I told you. And they don't taste like anything. But they were an AMAZING help so that's why I'm getting them again!

    38 weeks sounds great...though with a hard end date, the end is in sight. I'm in the single digits!

  4. A baby doesn't really need much in the beginning, so I'm guessing you were fine! There's just something about having a list complete though:)

  5. Yeah, we managed. She didn't get to come home from the hospital for over 3 weeks so that gave us some time to finish preparing.


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