October 6, 2014

Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA Part Two

Riverfront Park in Spokane is so awesome that it deserves TWO posts!  We had stopped and only scratched the surface on our way to Helena, MT.  So on our way back through Spokane when were headed home we decided to stop again.  There were some things we wanted to do, namely, ride the carousel again, ride the train and let Munchkin ride the ponies.

We were afraid the ponies would be gone by the time we got there so we rushed to get there.  Thankfully the pony people were still there!  We got the very last ride of the day.  Talk about great timing!  Munchkin was SUPER excited and kept pointing to ponies and saying “horsies” while we waited.  We were on the outside of the fence, since they had already closed up shop.  Then they were asking who was still left to ride and we said US!  They let us in and got Munchkin up on a pony.  Her daddy walked with her.  She did great petting the pony while riding and holding on.  She wasn’t scared at all!  She loved every second of it.

Many Waters Petting the Pony

Many Waters Pony Riding

From the ponies we headed over to check out the train.  We weren’t sure how often it ran but we were happy to see that there was less than ten minutes till the next ride so we waited it out.  It’s not a train on tracks but rather one of those that can go anywhere.  So we chugged,chugged, chugged along, learning more about the park as we went.  I learned a lot as we got a tour while we were one the train.  I learned that Spokane hosted the World’s Fair in 1974 and it was held where Riverfront Park now is.  Many of the buildings are still there and are being used for other things now.  We saw the IMAX theatre, got a different view of the falls, saw the fair rides and some other things that we had already seen.

Many Waters By the Train  
Many Waters Sitting with Daddy

We had saved a ticket that someone had given us and there was enough for two people to ride.  Since Munchkin got to ride for free, The Man & I got to ride using the free ticket.  Even though it’s not expensive to ride the carousel, it was nice to not have to pay for it.  This time I let The Man sit on the outside with Munchkin and grab for the rings.  She picked giraffe to ride even though it doesn’t move.  She just really likes giraffes!

Many Waters Riverfront Park Take 2

Many Waters Riding a Giraffe
 Many Waters Riding with Daddy

We seriously love this park so much!  We want to go back to Spokane, spend more time at the park and explore the rest of the city.  With Spokane being 4.5 –5 hours away, we’re hoping to plan a long weekend there in the Spring. 
Do you have a favorite city to visit?


  1. I have always wanted to visit Spokane! My husband loved visiting there when he was in college.


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