October 8, 2014

“Baking” Cookies With Nana

One of the things Nana was looking forward to doing with Munchkin when she moved out here was baking cookies.  It’s such a Nana thing to do.  Well, it’s such a fun thing for anyone to do with a kiddo.  I think my mom really wanted to do it after watching and helping her sister bake with her grandkids.  Now that she has a small kitchenette, she can do some baking after a fashion.  She only has a toaster oven but you can do a lot with that (trust me, I know from living in Asia!) Nana also doesn’t have a lot of counter space, so she made due with what she had.  She bought the premade Pillsbury cookie dough with pumpkins on them to make with Munchkin.  You know, the kind you just plop on the cookie sheet and bake?  Yup, that’s the cookies that they baked.  I don’t think Munchkin minded though.

Many Waters Baking With Nana

She loved climbing up on the stool and place the cookies on the cookie sheet.  What she might have liked even more was being able to play in between batches.  You didn’t have to really call her back for another batch though.  She really enjoyed placing those cookies!  She got pretty good at it at the end!

Many Waters Placing Cookies Many Waters Cookies with Nana

I couldn’t get her to look at the camera AT ALL while I was trying to take her picture with Nana.  There was just too much else to do I guess! 
 Many Waters Finished Cookie  Many Waters Cookie Eating

The best part of baking cookies is the eating of them, right?  Munchkin took a bite or two out of her first one and then wanted to play.  She didn’t want to eat cookies!  Later one she did eat and enjoy the cookies even if she didn’t like that they broke when she bite into them.  She would hold the two pieces up to me and say “Broken” in a sad voice.  She wasn’t convinced at first when I told her it would still taste the same.  Eventually she ate the broken piece.  Nana tried to give us the leftover cookies but I made her keep them cause I would have eaten them.  Those cookies are NOT on my GD diet.  So Nana ate them.  Guess they have to make some more now!


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