April 10, 2015

Call Me Graceful

I wouldn’t consider myself klutzy. While I’ve been know to fall off my shoes or randomly twist my ankle while walking, I don’t do these things all the time.  I think this is why what happened to me on Wednesday surprises me and at the same time it doesn’t.

It was a beautiful spring day.  I was walking into Costco while wearing Punkin. My mom was pushing Munchkin in the art.  We were about to cross the street area right in front of the store when I went down.  One second I was walking, the next second I was down on the ground on all fours.

Punkin was fine as she was secure in the Tula.  She didn’t make a peep.  It might have been her first thrill ride.  Anyway, I had to just stay down for a few seconds and then when I stood up, I had to just stand there. I was hoping the pain would pass and I’d be able to walk it off.  After about two minutes of standing in the road, I let the woman from Costco who came to help me, get me a wheelchair.  She wheeled me in and got me ice packs.  A manager came over and got me water.

I sat off to the side of the exit area while mom ran and got what we had come for.  I was really, really hoping I would be able to walk on the ankle but nope, wasn’t happening.  At first I just wanted to go home to RICE my ankle. After all, resting, ice, compression and elevation has never failed me yet.  The ankle kept swelling and since we we had fun weekend plans, we decided to head to Urgent Care.
We spent about three and half hours in Urgent Care and left without knowing for sure what is wrong with the ankle.  They did X-Rays but there was too much fluid and swelling to know for sure.  It didn’t show a break but the doctor really thinks that it is broken.  She gave me a walking boot and crutches.  Well, she tried to give me a walking boot.  They only had a medium and I needed a small since I have tiny feet.  So she gave me a prescription for one.   Before leaving Urgent Care they gave me a fiberglass splint.  The next morning we called a couple of places and managed to find a boot for me.  It’s so much nicer with the boot!

It’s been a couple of days and I still can’t weight on it.  It’s still all swollen as well.  Not being able to do anything has gotten old fast.  I can’t carry the baby or carry anything really.  It’s cramping my style as a mom.  I hate having to rely on my mom and husband to do everything.

So, any tips for how to be a mom with crutches?

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  1. Yikes! That's super sucky, but great that your mom was there. I don't have any tips, but you have my sympathy. I'm a total klutz and I'm always worried about this kind of thing. In fact, I sprained my ankle pretty good a couple weeks ago just playing around outside with the kids. *sigh* I hope it heals quickly!!

  2. Oh man! I'm so sorry! Not being able to do much would kill me! The hardest part is letting other people "help."


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