May 1, 2015

Punkin Four Months

I wrote this back when Punkin was four months.  Even though she’s now six months I’m doing to publish it anyway, so we’ll have it to look back on. Some day I might even share her 3 month photos!

I’m loving this age with Punkin.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the newborn stage but I really enjoy it when they start to do more than eat, sleep, cry and poop.  Punkin is starting to play with toys (well, grab for them and put them in her mouth.)  Her feet are a favorite for her to grab though she hasn’t gotten them in her mouth yet.  She has the best expressions, which are really hard to get on camera.  Her smile just lights up her face and she gets SO excited when you talk to her.  She loves to chatter with you.  Punkin’s getting close to rolling too! When she’s on her play mat she’ll roll up onto her side. She’s started to go over but her arm gets in the way. She almost has it!

She’s been sleeping and eating more so I think we’re in the middle of a growth spurt.  When you lay her down, she likes to do crunches. I think she’s trying to get a baby six pack!  She sleeps at night really well. She goes down between 6:30 and 8 and then will sleep till around 1. I pull her into to bed with me and she falls back asleep nursing. She’ll nurse while she sleeps for about two hours or so before waking up again. Sometimes I’m able to put her back to bed in the bouncy chair (which she’s been sleeping in. Whatever works and for now that it!) Other times she stays in bed with me, sleeping.  I love the Halo swaddlers. I have her swaddled when she’s in the bouncy chair and when she’s in bed with me her arms are unswaddled. She doesn’t get any blankets on her in my bed, so the swaddler keeps her legs warm no matter where she is.

She’s super drooly and loves to put your fingers in her mouth. We can feel a bump or two on the bottom gums but it doesn’t feel like it will be cutting anytime soon.  We took her for her two month check up at three and a half months (Oops! Mama forgot to schedule it in advance and then when I did the dr. was booked out.)  Punkin weighed 14.5 lbs and was 24 inches long.  We could tell that she had gained weight…she loves her mama milk! 

This past month I’ve started cloth diapering again, for the most part. We still use sposies for nighttime and when we go out. We stay home a lot so so cloth is on her bum frequently.  I just got a sustainable baby ish fitted bamboo and organic cotton diaper and oh my, how soft!  It’s the softest diaper I’ve ever felt.  I almost wanted to sleep with it! I got her two new covers too, including one of the new Rumparooz prints.  I’ve been saving my swagbucks and getting Amazon gift cards.  I have my eye on a few more diapers for the stash but since I also fixed the elastic in my seven Bum Genius 4.0 diapers, I’m loving those again too. (Six month note: I've discovered GroVia and it's LOVE! I want to buy all the diapers! It's hard to resist!)

Even though I was feeling intimidated by woven wraps, I pulled mine out and tried a front wrap cross carry.  Punkin loved being in it and I managed to get it.  I’ve practiced a few more times and she’s even napped in it.  I love wearing her and having her close. I just love babywearing.

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