May 4, 2015

Sunday Lunch In The Park

The weather was gorgeous this weekend here in the PNW. We wanted to take advantage of it so we had a picnic at a local park after church on Sunday.  It was wonderful!

The Man cooked lunch

While Munchkin played and Punkin chilled

After lunch Daddy and Munchkin threw rocks in the water.

It was fun until Munchkin fell.  We cleaned them up the best we could and headed home.  Three band aids and a nap made it all better.

How was your weekend?
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  1. Ours was ok! It looks like a great weekend, well besides the fall.

  2. Poor girl! We did the flag ceremony at church with the potluck afterward. The kids did an awesome job singing the National Anthem for it. I was an uber proud mama even though Cara didn't really know the words to it since she's only in Kindergarten and I don't think they really worked on it. I didn't find out they were singing until it was too late so I didn't get to work on it with her either. :(


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