August 31, 2015

County Fair Fun 2015

The end of August means fair time where we live!  We decided to go when it was cheap, so that meant Friday morning before one cause we (the adults) could get in for a dollar.  We planned to get there when it opened and then leave in time for The Man to go to work.  The plan mostly worked, except we got there about a half hour after it opened.  I don't think that's too bad and we had time to do almost everything we wanted (I didn't get to visit the vendors but oh well.) I love it when a plan works out!

We started by seeing the animals.  Munchkin wasn't impressed with the first animals we saw, the sheep.  She wasn't sure what to make of them.  She didn't warm up to the animals until we saw some cows and then she asked to go back and see the sheep, so we did.  We also visited the goats, llamas, chickens, bunnies, pigs, and the animal petting area.

 I think Munchkin's favorite part of this area was riding a camel.  She was so excited because unlike the zoo, she got to ride it by herself!  She went around twice and go to stop and pose for photos on the camel.  She loved it and is still talking about how she got to ride the blue camel by herself.

After that she got to ride a pony too.  While we were waiting I said something about Punkin not being able to ride and the women walking around with the horses said that she could, so Punkin got to ride a pony too.  I walked beside her.  They went around something like ten times.  It felt like a REALLY long time.  Punkin did well for most of it but wanted off near the end.

 I really wanted to go see the vendors but we were running out of time and Munchkin wanted to ride some rides so we headed that way.  She rode a bouncing car ride first and they almost didn't let her own.  They said she had to be 36 inches (last appointment she was 35.5) but they didn't have anything to measure her against.  So as we were waking away I turned around and saw the guy let a little boy the same height get one.  He must have seen my face cause I was about to say something because he said she could go on.  She rode it and liked it ok.  After that we headed to the big slide.  Munchkin rode it with daddy and LOVED it.  She was going to ride it again but go sidetracked by the dragon roller coaster (or as she called it the dinosaur choo-choo.)  She jumped in some car with a little boy (!!!) and held on for dear life. The little boy must have ridden before cause he had his hands in the air and was loving it.  Munchkin didn't look like she enjoyed it till the third time around.  She also wanted to do the obstacle course/fun house thing.  There were some big kids on it but she held her own and did a great job! She figured out climbing up the cargo net and wasn't afraid of walking across the rope type bridge.  It showed us just how big she's getting.  It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Over all, we had a great time at the fair!

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