August 28, 2015

Soccer Camp 2015

Now that Munchkin is three, she's able to participate in a lot more things. Three seems to be the magic number for classes and activities.  I could have sent her to VBS (I found out too late) and she's started gymnastics (more on that later.)  It also means she gets to go to soccer camp at our church!

When I asked her if she wanted to go she said YES!  I knew she had no idea what soccer was.  She has a pink princess soccer ball that her Nana bought her.  She loves to sit on it.  That's her knowledge of soccer.  I thought that camp, which is an hour and a half for four nights, would be a great way to introduce her to it.  Plus it would help her learn to take directions from people other than Mom, Dad and Nana and she'd get to spend time with her "friends" (friends these days are anybody that she thinks is close to her age.)

I also volunteered to help out.  They had me man the registration desk (which I love doing. It's one of my favorite things to do!)  with two other ladies.  The camp is for pre-k through 2nd grade.  I found out that it's usually for 4 year olds and up but three year olds are welcome, especially member kids (and they have to be potty trained.  YAY for six months of being potty trained...I knew it would come in handy!)  This year we've had the most kids EVER at 94 registered.  Not all of them showed up the the majority did.  There were close to 25-30 pre-k kids.  There were lots of Coaches so the ratios of kids to adults was good but when they are this little it's interesting.

Munchkin decided to do her own thing.  Her favorite thing to do was to sit on the ball.  She also liked to pick it up and put it in the goal.  I even caught her laying on the ground using the ball as a pillow.  She did better as the week progressed.  At the beginning of every day she complained her tummy hurt but once camp got going she was interested and wanted to participate.

 I'm pretty sure we don't have a soccer super star on our hands.  I'm ok with that.  Fresh air, exercise and hanging out with friends are good reason to go to soccer camp.

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