July 19, 2010

101 in 1001

I like to make lists so I can cross off the things I've accomplished.  Don't get me wrong, lists are a great way to stay organized and keep my brain from exploding but there's something about crossing things off.  I love feeling like I've gotten something done and that I'm closer to the goal of being done.

It's in that spirit that I've created a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.  I got the idea from another blogger and there are tons of people doing it at the Day Zero Project.  Maybe crossing things off lists is something humans like to do, I don't know.  But I've joined the masses in this project.  And you might be thinking I'm crazy (I married a man who works in a metal tube that submerges in water...we already knew I was crazy!) but I think it will be fun to do these things and cross them off the list!

Here's what you do:  create a list of 101 measurable, clearly defined tasks and try to achieve them in 1001 days (2.75) years.

Here's my list:

1.  Be waiting on the Pier for homecoming
2.  Become a director with the Pampered Chef
3.  Build a fire on the beach
4.  Buy a new sofa
5.  Buy membership to OMSI and use it 4 times
6.  Crochet a rag rug
7.  Donate blood
8.  Donate my hair
9.  Donate my hair again
10..Donate to Toys for Tots
11.  Earn a Pampered Chef Excellence Award
12. Eat at Sky City restaurant at the top of the Space Needle
13.  Eat at Sully's on Castle Island and watch the planes taking off & landing
14.  Eat in 10 new restaurants
15.  Finish 3 Quilts
16.  Get a dishwasher and a garbage disposal
17.  Get a massage
18.  Get a pedicure with the man
19.  Go a week without the internet
20.  Go apple picking in WA
21.  Go bowling
22.  Go camping in the Olympic Mountains
23.  Go camping in Yellowstone
24.  Go Fishing
25.  Go Geocashing
26.  Go hiking at Mt. St. Helen's
27.  Go horseback riding on the beach
28.  Go on a Brewery Tour
29.  Go to 3 Ducks games
30.  Go to a pro Baseball game
31.  Go to Disney
32.  Go to the Zoo
33.  Go Whitewater rafting
34.  Have a Baby
35.  Have a yard sale
36.  Have pictures taken in a photo booth
37.  Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
38.  Kiss in the rain
39.  Knit a Scarf
40.  Learn to Can
41.  Lose 25 lbs.
42.  Make a cake/brownies from scratch
43.  Make a dog bed for Molly
44.  Make dinner in the crockpot every day for 2 weeks
45.  Make homemade jam
46.  Make mulled wine
47.  Make my own granola
48.  Make my own yogurt
49.  Make Pajama pants
50.  Make Sangria
51.  Make sourdough bread from scratch
52.  Make/buy a butterdish
53.  Meet my new niece/nephew
54.  Paint the sewing room
55.  Pay for someone's toll behind me
56.  Pay off my student loans
57.  Plant 2 apple & 2 cherry trees
58.  Plant a garden
59.  Plant an herb garden
60.  Read 50 new books (1/50)
61.  Read the entire Bible
62.  Refinish a piece of furniture
63.  Remodel the bathroom
64.  Renew/change name on Passport
65.  Run a 5K
66.  Scrapbook my wedding/cross country drive/honeymoon
67.  See a bear in the wild
68.  See a drive in movie
69.  See a movie in 3D
70.  See an Orca in the wild
71.  Send 10 postcards via postcrossing.com
72.  Send a secret to Post Secret
73.  Send Christmas cards to family & friends
74.  Sing in the Rain
75.  Sleep in a Yurt
76,  Sleep in on Black Friday
77.  Spend the day in Boston
78.  Start a compost pile
79.  Take a dance class with the man
80.  Take a Photography class
81.  Take a spontaneous road trip 
82.  Take a yoga class twice a week for a month
83.  Talk the man into getting a passport
84.  Visit 3 lighthouses on the West Coast
85.  Visit a new state
86.  Visit a winery
87.  Visit an art musuem
88.  Visit MA & NH
89.  Visit Martha's Vineyard
90.  Visit Mt. Rainier
91.  Visit St. Thomas
92.  Visit the Oregon Coast
93.  Visit three "new" forts with the man
94.  Visit the Tillamook cheese factory
95.  Visit Vancouver, B.C.
96.  Volunteer regularly
97.  Wade/Swim in the Pacific
98.  Walk along the beach with the man looking for seashells
99.  Watch 26 movies I've never watched starting with each letter of the alphabet 
100.  Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in 24 hours
101.  Watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day

Yes, they are in alphabetical order (Thank you Excel!) cause they are easier to read that way.  I'll be keeping you updated as I do them.  If you'd like to help with any of them, please let me know!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you started a list! It's nice because it will give you a good excuse to do things you may've passed over before (like eating on top of the Space Needle). You have some great activities on here. Good luck!

  2. #6 and #39 I would be happy to help you with! =)


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