July 17, 2010

A Warm Welcome Home

     I love coming home after being away.  It's fun to travel...and great to get home again.  Friday night was my second night home and I was enjoying sleeping in my own bed again (I have an unnatural fondness for my bed...it just so comfortable!)  The man and I were sleeping soundly when all of sudden I heard Iggyman and Alley Cats tearing around the bedroom.  I sat straight up and the man woke up as the kitties ran under the bed.  I was going to get up to figure out what was going on but the man told me to go back to sleep...so I did.

     Fast forward several hours later.  Iggyman jumped on the bed by my knees and as I moved to pet him, he grabbed something and jumped off the bed.  I knew this could only mean one thing...he caught a mouse.  Ig NEVER runs away from love...unless he doesn't want to share a mouse.  He doesn't even share with Al.  It's the only time he growls at you.  Thankfully he didn't come back on the bed but decided to play with the mouse on the floor.

     Molly and I went out to play and when we came back in Ig was still playing with the mouse.  I know from experience that he isn't giving up the mouse, so we left him alone.  I didn't want to be there while he ate the house...again, I've seen and heard it before.  Several hours later I returned  to find Ig sleeping on the bed, curled up with Al.  As I walked around the bed I saw it...the poor dead mouse.  He was missing his tail.  I can 'only imagine where the tail is.  I hope it's in his belly cause I don't want to come across it in the next few days!

     I have told Iggymans that the next time he catches a mouse he should do it when the man is home.  I hate getting rid of the mouse when he's done with it.  I'm thankful he didn't put it on my pillow this time!

 This was a cute little mouse Ig chased in MA.  The one today was MUCH bigger!

He is very patient and is willing to wait...and wait....and wait....


  1. Ummm. . . ewww! Tiny furry rodents are the only thing I am squeamish about. Glad it was you and not me. Welcome home! =)


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