August 23, 2010

Road Trip

The Man & I were  talking the other day about how we live in a gorgeous area but we haven't seen very much of it.  So we decided to do some exploring.  

 We started off by heading towards Port Angeles since we hadn't been there before.  Besides the ferry to Victoria there isn't much there.  We were hoping to find a place to eat with outdoor seating since we had Molly with us but we couldn't find anything.  We did look around an "antique" mall with Molly.  She loved all the smells and managed not to break anything with her tail!

In the antique mall

 Port Angeles had some funky street art.  Many stores were also trying to cash in on the Twilight craziness.  The Man did mutter as we pulled out of town " I hope we don't see to much more twilight crap!"  Um, baby, we're planning on going through Forks....what do you think we're going to see!?!?

Port Angeles Street Art
We followed 101 through some gorgeous scenery...the National Forest is so pretty!  We stopped at East Beach on Lake Crescent to stretch our legs and let Molly play.

Us at the Lake.  Molly wanted to play, not get her picture taken!

East Beach with an eager Molly

We were getting hungry so we didn't stay long at the beach.  We drove and drove and drove some more.  Finally we reached Forks and found a place to eat.

The In Place.  Good food and good prices!

After we ate we headed out of Forks.  Neither of us are twilight fans.  I haven't read them or seen the movies and I don't really want to.  I may someday but I'm ok being out in the dark about it! 

We drove some more.  Through the National Forest and the State Park and the National Park and the National Forest again.  It's beautiful.  At one point The Man saw a sign for Ruby Beach and he pulled in so we could see what it looked like.  I was so glad he did.  There were waves!  and rocks!  and driftwood!  and miles of pristine beauty.  My pictures don't do it justice.

Molly & I overlooking the beach

Ruby Beach

Playing in the ocean

A sea star on the rocks

We reluctantly got back in the car to keep driving.  The plan was to get to Ocean shores and build a campfire on the beach while watching the sunset.  It's great plan.  But the clouds didn't seem to agree.  It would be cloudy and then clear up and then get cloudy then clear up as we drove.  And it seemed like we drove for HOURS.  We eventually made it to Pacific Beach and stopped by to see the Pacific Beach Resort & Conference Center.  The outside doesn't look like much...we're still undecided if we want to stay there sometime.  We then headed 16 miles south to Ocean Shores.  We visited Ocean Shores last summer and fell in love with it!  We love that we can drive on the beach and build a campfire by the ocean. 

Around sunset at Ocean Shore

A happy, dirty, sandy puppy


A great day with my love.

After the sun set we headed home.  It was a long fun day.  I can't wait till we can spend more time in all these places!


  1. You aren't really missing anything with the whole Twilight thing. I read the first book out of curiosity and, while I can see how the storyline would interest people, it was so poorly written that I was distracted the whole time I was reading it.

    Glad you got to go exploring, though!

  2. Personally I like the Twilight books. The movies I'm not so much into, but I watch just to watch (I like Peter Facinelli). You're not missing THAT much though honestly.


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