September 5, 2010

End of Summer

Labor Day has always signaled the end of summer to me.  As a kid school always started the Wednesday after Labor Day and as a teacher I officially started back a day before the kids.  Now, as an adult, Labor Day is important for another football starts.  Now, I'm not a huge football fan.  The Man on the other hand is a HUGE fan.  Thanks to football cheer leading I learned the basics. 

We traveled down to Eugene for the opening game of the season.  There was a great view of Mt. St. Helen's on the way down.

You can kinda see Mt. St. Helen''s the bump over the SUV

There was a a gorgeous sunset on the way down.

Molly didn't enjoy the car ride so much but did enjoy the hotel.  She got a whole bed to herself.

Molly loving her bed

We made it down safely and went to the game with my father-in-law Bruce while Molly stayed with my mother-in-law Sherry.  The Ducks were playing the Lobos (New Mexico).

The new field at Autzen Stadium

 It was a great game, though a bit lopsided.  The score at half was 59-0, Ducks.

The score at half time.

We're cute.

The second half wasn't any nicer to New Mexico.

72-0, Final

We had a great time eating lunch with grandma, Bruce & Sherry on Sunday before leaving.  Then we hit the road again.  Molly was happy to be home!

Molly enjoying the sights on the way home


  1. Glad you had a great time. My bro is a graduate of Oregon and he was joking on the phone 'cause I currently am in NM. What a slaughter!

  2. I hate when games end up like that. I prefer the close ones where it goes right down to the last second before you know who wins. Glad you had fun!


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