September 12, 2010

Game Time

It's fall and that means it's college football season!  The Man has been waiting for this for since the Rose Bowl on January 1.  Our Saturdays are planned around game time.  This past Saturday the game started at 4 PST we we made sure we were ready.

We got rid of cable in the spring since we weren't watching it enough to be paying for it and we didn't want to watch it enough to make it worth it.  But the only problem with that is that we're not getting any sports channels.  We get locals channels and some others...more than enough for us.  The Ducks were playing Tennessee and we knew the game wouldn't be getting local coverage.  We thought about going somewhere to watch the game but we're on a budget so we didn't want to do that.  I thought we could watch it online and The Man was able to find it online for free.  He went and bought a cable so we could connect his computer to the TV and voila!   The Ducks game was on our TV!

The computer and our TV
No game is complete with yummy food!  We had left over stuffed pizza from Papa's Murphy's, chocolate chip cookies and sour cream and cheddar chips.
Our yummy food

 Miss Molly isn't a huge football fan.  She was happy that we were home though...that meant that she would get attention!  Or so she thought.  When we weren't paying enough attention to her she would force herself on us.  She would jump up on the sofa, sit next to me and stick her face in mine until I petted her.  It was cute the first two times and not so cute every time after that.  Than she would go to The Man and try to get in his lap.

Trying to get into The Man's lap
Miss Molly putting her face in mine
Watching the game on TV via the internet wasn't the best but it was better than nothing.  During the first half the Ducks were a little shaky and went into half time tied.  Oh and we shouldn't forget that there was a 70 minute lightening delay.  After half time the Ducks took control and won 48-13.  Not to shabby!  Another cool fact is that in the past two games, the Ducks have scored 120 points in 120 minutes.   Now we're looking forward to the game this coming Saturday against Portland State.  Go Ducks!


  1. Hi,

    I found you on a blog hop list. We have a lot in common. I have two cats, love warm weather, and flip-flops. My boyfriend loves football (he's coached arena football and high school football) and we have to plan around games as well. And more importantly, I am a Christian. If you get a free moment, I'd love to have you stop by my site.

  2. I've watched many a sports game on ESPN360 (or is it just ESPN3 now?), so I know what that's like! We love college football here also (Georgia and Notre Dame!). What type of cable did you use to hook the computer to the TV? We've never done that, but it sounds interesting.

  3. I asked DH and he said we used a S-video adapter. Hope that helps!


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