October 7, 2010

Apples Galore

Costco Apples
I love fall.  I love apples.  Is there a better snack than apples and peanut butter?  I wish we lived near an apple orchard but there aren't any on the peninsula.  At some point, before we move, we WILL go apple picking in Washington.  For now I'm buying apples at Costco.  Not quite the same but it will do.  For now.

I'm on an apple kick.  I made apple cake last night.  It's super yummy.  It brings me back to the year I lived in China.  My roommate Amy used to make it.  It was so good then and it's so good now.  I can't believe it's been 8 years since then...

Anyway, now that I have the apple cake baked, I'm wanting some apple sauce.  Or apple butter.  Or both:)  I love my crock pot and have decided that that's the only way to go when making apple sauce or butter.

I love my apple slicer!
The apple sauce won out so I peeled, cored and quartered a bunch of apples.  They got thrown in the crock pot with some lemon juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and water.  I didn't measure but if you want exact amounts you can check out the recipe I loosely followed here.  It smells so good!  I have to fight the urge to take the cover off and stir it. 

In the beginning of the apple sauce project:

Apples, cinnamon, brown sugar & vanilla in the crock pot

The finished product:

Apple sauce goodness!


  1. its applesauce? It looks like drunkin apples to me! YUMM I want those! So much

  2. I have an unhealthy attachment to my apple slicer also -- best invention ever! I have been meaning to try making my own crockpot applesauce, so thanks for the recipe. Yours looks amazing!

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who loves her apple slicer:) Liz, I've never heard of drunkin apples...I just like my homemade pplesauce chunky!


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