October 6, 2010

Kitty Cuteness

I love my kitties.  We've gotten some cute shots of them lately so thought I'd share.

Edgar caught another mouse as we were going to bed last night.  The Man was home and I thought that he would take the mouse away from Ig.  He didn't.  The mouse was still alive; Ig let him go and the mouse ran behind furniture.  Ig eventually caught him again.  The Man herded him downstairs and got him in my sewing room.  He closed the door.  He wanted Ig to kill the mouse before he took it away...he didn't want Ig to think that catching mice is a bad thing.  I don't think he'll think that...he'll catch mice even if you take it away.  He's a cat...I think he'll keep catching mice.  If there's anything left I'm leaving it for The Man to clean up when he gets home later. 

How much is that kitty in the box?


  1. What cute kitties!! My first cat ever-he was in the family before I was born-was a pure black kitty <3


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