October 9, 2010

The Big 3-0

Earlier this week my husband turned 30.  Yup, he's old.  Not that I'm one to talk, since I'm staring 31 in the face.

Birthday Breakfast
He took the day off and  he enjoyed sleeping in and then I made The Man breakfast.  He's the breakfast maker in our house so this was a bit of a stretch for me.  I was going to make waffles but we were out of milk so he got scrambled eggs with bacon, kielbasa and toast.
Birthday Presents

 Then he opened his presents.  He's hard to buy for so I ended getting him a few small things, like woodworking magazines, some drafting tools and a hammer.   I know a hammer sounds like a strange gift but he was looking for one a week ago and couldn't find one.  Now he has one!
The rest of the day was low key as we ran a few errands.   Since we don't know how often we'll be able to celebrate our birthdays together it was nice to have this one even if we didn't do anything big or special.  I like any day that I get to spend with my husband!


  1. Old! My husband's got nine years on that number!

  2. I know it's not really old:) DH liked to tease me that it was though!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby :)


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