November 30, 2010

Another Day on the Road

So we've made it to Flagstaff.  The trip was fine but Molly is getting tired of being in the car.  She's sighing a lot.  Poor puppy!  I keep telling her we'll be home soon but I don't think she believes me.

We got on the road early this morning.  This is what we saw:

Yup, we were up THAT early.  Early enough to see the sunrise.  To be honest it was 7am, so it really wasn't that early!  I was excited cause it helped me cross off another item on my 101 in 1001 list!  To watch the sunrise & set in the same day.  Done!  I didn't take pictures but the sun was setting as we pulled into Flagstaff.  It was beautiful.  Anyway, back to Texas...We stopped by the Big Texan to take pictures, Starbucks for endurance and at Cadillac Ranch on our way out of town...that's another post though.  I will say it was cold!

We took some pictures to amuse ourselves:

They weren't kidding when they called it a farm road!

We were excited to make it to New Mexico!
 Meg was in need of stamps for all the postcards she's sending, so we made a pit stop.  I'll be honest and say that the last thing I wanted to was stop to buy stamps.  But she promised that it wasn't far off the highway.  I was glad we did cause I had been wanting a picture of a Route 66 sign.  I saw it and pulled over.  I was like a crazy lady.  We were safe though cause we were the only ones on the road.  In the entire town.  Not another soul to be seen.
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Yes, I stood in the middle of the road to take this picture.

Sad looking building next to the post office
After that it was open road and big sky.  And then we got a little bit of a shock.  We started to see some white stuff on the ground. Surely it wasn't snow.  We didn't think it was snow.  Until there was more of it.  We crested a hill and spread out before us in all it's glory was a snow covered field.  We were in denial.  You would think that two New England girls would know snow when they saw it.  We had to pull over to be sure.  At one point I said New Mexico is supposed to be red, not white!  Meg just looked at me and said well that's a racist comment.  Then we just laughed!  I though it was going to be mostly red from the clay and that there wouldn't be any snow.

Suspicious about the white stuff

Thinking it looks like snow

Is that snow out there?

No denying the snow!

Molly wasn't too sure about the snow & ice
The snow came and went and came again.  Not cool.  We came this far south to AVOID the snow.  That and so The Man could eat at the Big Texan.  Oh well!

Meg & I really enjoyed the landscapes of New Mexico & Arizona.  We live in a very beautiful country.

Heading into Flagstaff...Guess I did get a sunsetish shot!

Tomorrow we start our day off by heading to the Grand Canyon.  I'm super excited about that.  Then we're heading to Carson City, NV.  It's a long drive...hope we make it!


  1. WOw! This day sounds pretty fabulous! We love your idea of 1001 days of 101 things to do and wish you and your husband the best of luck! Hope to see you on our blog sometime!


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