December 1, 2010

Amarillo, Texas

Just what is there to do in Amarillo, TX you ask?  Plenty!  There is a quarter horse museum if you're interested as well as other stuff.  We were limited on time so we took pictures at the Big Texan.  We were there really early and had hoped the gift shop was open.  It wasn't so we contented ourselves with taking pictures outside.  Meg's dad & The Man would both love to eat there.  Their claim to fame is that if you eat a 72 oz. steak, along with all the sides, in an hour it's free.  Just thinking about it makes me queasy!  It's a huge tourist trap and quite gaudy.  That just makes it more fun!

After we got the pictures headed out to Cadillac ranch.  We almost died from a "crazy" intersection but we made it.  We were the only ones there and it was FREEZING!  We had 3 cans of spray paint but I killed the red can trying to open it.  Neither of us are graffiti artists and we mostly just painted straight lines.  Our hands were too cold to do much else.  Next time I'd bring a sharpie to write on them instead.

The Caddy's

Pick up your trash people1

Even the Hulk has been here!


The Ranch from the road


  1. Yay for the graffiti! Sorry it was so was broiling when we went.

  2. I have been to the Big Texan!!! LOVE IT!!!

  3. I saw a man down the entire steak meal in 35 minutes! It was nuts!


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