November 27, 2010


So there's been a change in plans.  Being a Milspouse I was kinda expecting it.  After all, how often to things actually go according to the plan?  Almost never!  So to add some more excitement to my life the plan has changed. 

The Man was supposed to fly out to MA, spend Thanksgiving with my family and then we would drive back to WA.  That is no longer happening.  Now he's still in WA and I spent Thanksgiving in NH with my family.  My old roommate Megan will be driving with me to WA. 

Megan & I lived together for the year before I got married.  We had this really cute two bedroom apartment stuffed to the gills with our stuff.  It was a great year, though a little stressful at the end with job loss, a wedding and both of us moving out.  We made it through alive and we're still friends, which is the most important part.  When I told her I might need a new copilot she was super excited.  She can't wait to go with me! 

The car is stuffed to the gills.  We have food and good music.  What more do we need? 


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