November 27, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Marriage

I know I've already given thanks for my husband.  In addition to being thankful for him, I'm thankful for our marriage.  We do not have a perfect marriage but I believe we have a good one.  Even with all that's going on at the moment, we have a good marriage.  It's getting stronger.  Adversity does that.  It breaks things or makes them stronger.  We decided that when we got married that divorce is not an option.  Ever*.  So instead of breaking us, it will make us stronger.  With divorce off the table, we have no choice but to work through our issues and difficulties.  It's freeing to know that we are together forever.  Yes, things are difficult but I don't love my husband any less.  I love him more.  I love knowing that we will work things out...together.  I love knowing that we are committed to each other.  We are willing to be honest and vulnerable with each other, even if it is hard at times.  I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else. 

Things are hard at the moment.  The uncertainty is hard.  Not knowing what will happen is hard.  I still have hope.  Things will work out the way God wants them to work out.  And we will be together.  This is bringing us closer together and for that I am thankful. 

Thank you so much for you prayers.  God in answering and working in amazing ways.  I have peace that can only be from Him.  With things still so uncertain, please keep praying.  Thank you!

*Under no circumstance would I stay, or expect anyone else to stay, in an abusive relationship.  The best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else involved is to get to a safe place. 


  1. We took divorce off the table as well and IMO it makes a huge positive difference in communication and all around commitment level.


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