November 26, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Black Friday Tradition

I'm thankful for traditions.  When you have traditions that you love, you look forward to them happening!  I hate getting early but I LOVE my family's Black Friday tradition.  For about 20 years, My mom, Aunt, cousin & I have been getting up crazy early to go shopping.

The tradition was born when there were lots of people to but for and saving money way key.  My cousins & I would create lists for family about what we wanted for Christmas.  Then on Thanksgiving night we would pore over the ads.  (Back then I was pointing out what I wanted, not deciding what I wanted to buy!)  We would often choose where to go first based on what time they opened, what items we wanted to buy there and what they were giving away.  Back in the day the stores used to give away things.  I remember getting CD's, stickers, chocolate and mini snowglobes. Actually, JC Penny's still hands out mini snowglobes...I have a few.  We would split up (mom & Auntie, my cousin & I) and shop, often hiding our baskets when we came close to each other.  We would hit the stores we wanted and then get some breakfast.  Breakfast is a great way to end the morning!  The afternoon almost always included a nap...still does!  I get pretty cranky when I'm tired.

While I was in Asia a friend of my cousin would take my place so she would have some one to shop with.  She went with us once I got back.  She's stopped coming now, so it's just the 4 of us again.  I wasn't on the East coast last year (I stood in line at Best Buy with The Man and my in-laws in the freezing cold for 3 or 4 hours last year).  My cousin is super excited that I'm here for Black Friday this year.  I'm super excited too.  Black Friday has made us many memories.  We'll probably head to Michael's Thanksgiving night, just cause we can.  We don't buy for tons of people any more but we have still continued our Black Friday Tradition.  I'm looking forward to the day when my neices join us...and hopefully someday a daughter!


  1. My mom and sister do the midnight Wal-Mart thing. After I got dragged to a mall in FL with my mom, aunt, and cousins about 5 years ago and it was SO CROWDED I got dizzy, I refuse to participate. I did look through a few ads yesterday and tell my mom a few items to get though!


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