November 25, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Wise Women

I am extremely blessed to have wise women in my life.  I'm very thankful for them.  These are the women that I can turn to for advice, prayer and wisdom.  They don't judge but offer practial advice.  They are women of God who aren't afraid to be honest but do so with love and kindness.  They point out sin and aren't afraid to admit that they sin.  They share their experiences to give encouragement.  They seek God in all circumstances.  They are not perfect.  They seek God's wisdom for themselves and others.  They are teachable and willing to share what they have learned. 

These are the older women that I look up to and hope to one day be like.  They are a blessing to me.  I know that I can pick up the phone and call anyone of them at any time of day for any reason.  Some people don't have 1 person in their life like this.  I have seven.  Seven amazing women who love me for me and who support me and encourage me in all of life's ups and downs.  Thank you Lord, for these women. 


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