November 24, 2010

Bad Mom

So I'm a bad mom.  A really bad mom.  Let's just say it's good that it was the dog, Molly and not a kid.  Cause then I'd probably go to jail.  Yup, it's that bad!

Mom took a 1/2 day and we were going to go out to lunch to celebrate my dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!)  I took Molly out before we left.  I guess I forgot to bring her in.  I came in...Molly didn't.  Not sure how I missed that one.  So we left.

We had a good lunch at the 99.  Love the cheese and crackers.  My sandwich was okay but the cheese and crackers make up for it (FYI...the 99's in Connecticut don't serve cheese & crackers so don't go there.)  We were gone for about 30-45 minutes.  It's a good thing we didn't go anywhere else!

We walk in the house thinking we'd take the dogs on a walk at the cranberry bog by Patriot's Place.  We walk in the door and are greeted by Joey.  No Molly.  We look around and don't see her.  We notice that a door is closed and open it thinking she was locked in there.  Nope, she's not there.  Then it hits me.  Maybe I left her outside.

So I RUN outside and start calling her name.  I start walking around the unfenced backyard calling her name.  All of a sudden I see her galloping towards me.  Kinda like Lassie when she was running home.  She came right to me with a big smile on her face.  I get down to give her a hug and pet her.  But she stinks.  To high heaven.  Oh my goodness it smelled like she laid in poop.  It was all over her side and on her collar.  Disgusting! 

We were going to take her to get groomed but they wouldn't take her without her rabies papers, which are in WA.  So I hoisted her into my parents old claw foot tub and gave her a bath.  It was a bit messy but it got the job done.  I now have a clean Molly puppy.  Perfect since she gets to  meet more family tomorrow.

I'm praying that she didn't eat anything that's going to make her sick.  She's acting okay at the moment and has had a good bit to drink.  I'll be keeping my eye on her to make sure she stays okay.  She now needs a new collar.  She really didn't have to go to such lengths to get a new one!

I'm thankful that she was nearby.  My parents live on a very busy main street.  It would have been so easy for her to get hit.  She could have gotten much further away.  This could have ended very badly and I'm very thankful that it didn't.  I don't think I could have handled that right now!

Added later:  Miss Molly now has a pretty purple collar and is laying quite happily next to me on the sofa.  She seems fine! 


  1. Sorry. I shouldn't be laughing. But you're not a bad mommy.

    And I think all 99's in CT should have disclaimers on the doors. That would ahve saved us a lot of trouble.

  2. Oh my.... what a story to one day laugh at but I'm sure during the time, it was definitely NOT funny!!! Glad your dog is ok!!!! And glad that it wasn't a kid ;0)

  3. Oh my goodness! That is soooo scary! I'm glad Molly is okay and nothing happened (other than the mess). Don't feel too bad, things like that happen -- and if it makes you feel a bit better I accidentally shut my son outside once but immediately realized it and let him in. Now that's a BAD mommy!

  4. LOL sorry... hehe.. ok done with the giggle that gave me. Mainly because I've had the stinky happy dog come running home after MINE had managed a "hoo-dini" routine out of our old backyard.
    I agree your NOT a bad Mommy. I'm so glad that nothing did happen to your beloved Molly - and she DID get a new collar out of the deal.


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