November 16, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Everyday Appliances

I'm very thankful for the every day appliances that make life easy.  The washer & dryer, vacuum, dishwasher, oven, get the idea.  I enjoy being able to suck up the dog hair that threatens to take over our house.  I like that I can just toss dirty PT clothes into the washer & not have to wash them by hand.  I love that clothes can be put in the dryer and not hung all over the house to dry.

My favorite appliance is the dishwasher.  I LOVE my dishwasher.  Growing up we didn't have a dishwasher.  Well, actually we did.  I was it.  I didn't have a dishwasher until I was 28.  It was then I realized what I had been missing.  When we were looking at houses a dishwasher was a must.  We didn't have one when first moved in so we put one in.  I love the dishwasher.  More than I should probably.  I was a very happy wife when The Man installed it.  I'm so thankful for it every time I fill it with dishes and run it!

What everyday appliance are you most thankful for?  Why?


  1. Due to the wiring of our house, we can't use the dryer, so I line-dry everything. It's a little bit of a pain, but I like to see how low our energy bill is! Plus, I know my pantlegs won't shrink, heehee.

    I really love our dishwasher, too. It's a must-have for me! I just despise washing the dishes, especially the bottles and sippy cup pieces. I'd rather give up my oven and cook food over a bonfire than go without a dishwasher.

  2. The microwave! I know a girl who refuses to own one, and I just don't see how she functions.

  3. I wish I had a dishwasher... oh, like you said.. I do have one.. it's me!
    I really don't have a favorite (big) appliance because they all mean some type of chore, LOL.
    my favorite (small) kitchen appliance would be my coffee maker. I need it and use it everyday! wait, is a coffee maker an appliance?? oh well, I love it anyway! :0)


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