November 18, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Furbabies

Maybe it's silly to be thankful for your pets, but I am.  Our Furbabies are a huge part of our family.  I've had Edgar & Allen since  January 2007.  They were both around 3 months when I got them.  I got Edgar first and a couple of days later Allen joined him.  They were so little and cute! 

Allen likes to help with sewing
Iggy likes to help too
Helping is very tiring!
It's warmer sharing a bowl!
They didn't listen then, they don't listen now.
Watching the birdies outside
They've gotten bigger but are still super cute.  They know when I don't feel good and they give me extra love.  Ally Cat loves to be petted.  He loves everyone right away.  Iggy man is a little more discerning and it takes some time to warm up to people.  He doesn't like to be picked up and loves to be petted.  He likes to head butt my in the morning to wake me up so he can get some love.  I have tons more pictures I could put up, but I'll pace myself.  I'll share more another time!

Miss Molly joined our family at the end of May.  While we were living on base we couldn't have more than 2 pets.  When we bought the house and had a yard, we decided that a puppy would round out our family nicely.  We looked online at the local shelter and others in the area.  We didn't see any puppies (I call all dogs puppies, even if they're old!) that was a fit.  The shelter had a lot of pitbull mixes, something I didn't want.  I know that some people love the breed, but I'm not one of them.  We also wanted a slightly older dog since we didn't think the kitties would do well with a puppy.  In addition to checking the shelters, I was also looking on Craigslist.  I called about one dog and it fell through.  Then I saw the listing for Molly.  Her family didn't have a big yard for her to play so they were finding her a new home.  The ad said she was great with kids though she was slightly aggressive with other dogs.  I responded to the ad and then went to meet her.  Molly was perfect.  She lived with 2 cats and got along very well with them.  The kids were sad to see her go but were happy she was going to a good family.  Something else that was great?  Molly was free.

Molly has been the perfect addition to our family.  She gets along with Edgar & Allen.  She loves me but ADORES her daddy.  She only plays with her tennis ball, doesn't chew on anything and had only gone through the trash 2 or 3 times.  She loves to chase her ball, swim and get belly loves.  She's such a good puppy.  When we take her out we very rarely have to put a leash on her.  She too knows when I'm not feeling good and loves to curl up beside me to give me extra love.  Honestly, she loves to curl up to you anytime.  She's a people puppy and hates to be left home alone.  She looks so sad when you leave without her.  She's much happier coming with you even if it means staying in the car.

A spoiled rotten puppy
Molly loving a belly rub
She thinks she's a lap dog
Loving the beach.


  1. I love that your cats 'help' you sew. My chihuahuas also are always trying to 'help' me. But it is tiring and they always sleep in the same bowl.

  2. I love the picture of Molly at the beach!

  3. I love your cats. I really really really want a cat, but my husband is allergic :(

  4. Aww! What a great post about your furbabies! They tend to bring that something special to life. Your three are just too cute! I especially love Miss Molly. :D


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