November 19, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Our House

I love our house.  We started talking about looking last fall and started driving by house in December.  Then at the end of January we started looking at houses.  There was one we fell in love with early on and wanted to put an offer on but we couldn't get a loan.  We got all the wrinkles ironed out and continued looking since that one was under contract.  We looked and looked.  We looked some more.  Than we saw it.  The house we fell in love with.  We walked in and both of us knew that this was the house.  We fell in love with the wrap around deck and the fact that there is a view.  It may be a partial view, but we can see the waters of Puget Sound from our house.  The house is full of windows and is bright even on a cloudy day.  I love how now that it's fall, the house gets warmed up by the sun (saving us money on heating, YAY!).  Granted it gets warm in the summer but that's why you invest in sunblock curtains!  The house is the perfect size for us.  It's 3 bedrooms and 1 bath and we have plenty of ideas of how to expand if/when we need too.

When we were looking at house we wanted to make sure we got a house that we were happy to live in as is but also one that we could make our own.  We found that in our house!  We also managed to find one that had a little bit of land to go with it.  We wanted to get a dog and so we found Miss Molly who LOVES all the room she has to play.

I'm so thankful that we were able to find a house we love at a price we could afford.  I'm thankful that we worked with a great Realtor and Finance person who helped us get the house we loved.  I'm thankful that The Man is handy and can make our visions for the house a reality.

I would post pictures but I don't have any on this computer...I'm having internet issues with my computer so I'm using my mom's while I'm staying at her house.  Someday there will be pictures again!


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