December 2, 2010

Just Another Day on the Road

I am so ready to be home.  We should pull in tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, with my pillows and some cuddly kitties.  No more living out of a suitcase.  Cooking my own food.  Getting back into the groove of regular life.  Home sounds heavenly!

Yesterday was a good, long day.  We started in Flagstaff, spent some time in the Grand Canyon and then drove to Fallon, NV.  I'll do a post later on the Grand Canyon & our drive by of Las Vegas. 

Miss Molly is a trooper.  Neveda is lacking in rest areas, at least on the road we are one.  We've seen signs but we haven't seen the actual rest area.  Molly hasn't gotten to run or play at all.  She had a lot of energy last night when we stopped but she can only chase the ball for so long on the pavement.  I know she's looking forward to being home and have land to run around on!

The next two days are short ones.  6 hours today and 7 tomorrow.  We probably could have tried to do it all today but The Man doesn't want us going over Grant's Pass in the dark due to black ice.  So this way we'll be able to do it in the daylight. 

Highlights of our day:

Arizona Sunrise

Leaving the Grand Canyon

We had lunch at In & Out...first time for both of us.  More on that later!

Our View of the Hoover Dam.  Boo

Meg & Lake Mead
Poe & Molly at Lake Mead
Nevada Sunset.


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