March 26, 2011

Swagbucks & Japan

japan earthquake.jpgI don't know how many, if any, of you use swagbucks.  Basically you earn "swagbucks" when you surf online (and do other things if you want) and you can then use them to purchase items in the Swag store.  I tend to use mine for Amazon & Starbucks gift cards.

Until Friday, April 8th you can donate some of your swagbucks to help Japan.  You can click here to be taken to the donation page.  The swagbucks will be converted in to USD and given to All Hands Volunteers.  Every little bit counts!

If you're not using Swagbucks and you'd like to be you can sign up at any time.  Right now if you sign up you can get extra 50 swagbucks by using the code HelpJapan during registration.  Click the button in the right column to register.


  1. I love Swagbucks! So far I think I've redeemed about $25 in Amazon gift cards :-)


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