April 16, 2011

Thanks For The Reminder...

There are days, weeks even, that it can seem like The Man works a normal job.  He usually wears civvies to & from work.  Yes there are duty days in there but him being gone for 24 hours seems normal now.  I get to eat whatever I want when I want and I get the bed to myself.  As long as it's only for one night it's "nice."  Then the Navy has to throw a wrench in things.

The Man is going to be doing  TDY soon.  For you non-military folk...he's going to have a temporary assignment.  I've known it was coming but haven't really thought much about it.  So The Man makes a comment this week about this being the last duty free weekend (they're precious because they aren't all that common) before he leaves.  That comment brought me up short.  When you start saying "This is the last..." the countdown is on.  Even if it is still far away (or just seems far away) a countdown has a way of making things real.  This TDY is going to happen.  Sooner than I would like.  So that was my reminder.  He also wore his NWU's (new working uniform) home on night this week.  I like seeing The Man in uniform but it was another reminder. 

And to make the weekend even better The Man has to work today.  On the day he was supposed to have off on the last three full day free weekend.  Thank You Navy.  I don't like you very much at the moment!  So I guess that means I'm working in the garden alone...anyone want to come help me pick out rocks?  And since he's busy Saturday night and Sunday afternoon...I have limited Man time this weekend.  I'm praying that they don't have to work next weekend too!


  1. I would LOVE to help you do rock picking in the garden....if only I lived close I would be there!!!!! :o)

  2. I hope he doesn't have to work next weekend... doing things alone (especially on weekends) isn't any fun...
    Rock picking... FUN! :0) we did that last weekend and make a game of it with Oliver. He did pretty good picking up rocks and putting, eh throwing them in the bucket. I can send him to you for a little extra help. :0)

  3. bummer. I hope the TDY isn't too incredibly long. Sometimes you never know.

    And I would totally hang out and help in the garden (if it wasn't raining) but I would have to be in the same state.

    That's it! You just need to go on vacation to New Mexico while The Man is TDY.

  4. Sign me up for the rocks! Since I'm all alone here, I'm happy to have SOMETHING to do! :)

  5. hold strong sweetie! hope things look up for you! :)


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