May 13, 2011

Hello Murphy

Did you have to come and visit so soon?  The Man is barely gone and you're knocking on my door.  I was hoping for a little time before you showed up but I guess not.  Granted it was my fault but still...

A friend picked me up to take me to bunco.  I had put my phone in my hoodie pocket and grabbed my purse on my way out the door.  She has a land rover and that thing is HUGE.  I'm short so it makes it seem even bigger.  I have to hoist myself in.  As we pull out of my driveway I reach for my phone but it's not there.  No biggie but I though I had put it in my pocket.  Oh well.  We get to bunco and have a great time.  I even won some money for having the most baby buncos.  Go me!  As we're heading out the door I look through my purse and realize I don't have my keys.  That's when I remember that they were beside my purse and I didn't get them.  Great.  No phone, no keys and a husband who knows where under the ocean.  Lovely!

Thankfully my friend is amazing.  She called her husband and had him look up locksmiths.  As we drove to my house I remembered that we had given a house key to our pastor & his wife while I was in MA last year and we never got it back.  We call them and ask if they still have it.  They say maybe.  They had a bunch of single keys and they think our is one of them but they're not sure which one.  They don't mind if we come buy and take them all and try them.  We're happy cause we have a plan.

We stop by my house and check to see if everything is locked.  Of course it is cause The Man is gone.  I'm good about keeping windows locked even when he's home but I double check when he's not.  So nothing was open.  We head to our pastor's house about 15 minutes away and I pick up a bunch of keys.  We think we know which one it is but I take them all just in case.  I felt really bad cause the pastor's house is about halfway between our houses.  So she brings me back and THANKFULLY the key works.  We had changed the locks because the key kept sticking but The Man put one of the old locks on the french doors in the bedroom for now.  I can't decide what kind of handle I want on the door we we're waiting while I think about it.  It's a good thing I was indecisive!  I was able to get in through our bedroom.

It's one of those things where I feel like it's only me that this would happen to!  I know it's not.

Has Murphy visited you lately?  
What did he do?


  1. Oh no.. what a disaster!! It's good to know you have such good friends to help you out though :-)

  2. Oh goodness! Thankfully it all worked out and you were able to get in without much more hassle. That Murphy has a funny way of making life hard!

  3. yeah, Murphy has visited me before. This one time Ryan was only TDY but....

    I went shopping and bought something big that had to go in the trunk of my car. Since I needed my hands free I placed my purse with keys and phone in the trunk while I slid the large box in. Once it was in place I promptly closed the trunk... and the shock hit me, I locked myself out of my car!

    So I went back in the store, asked for a phone and called up security forces and waited, and waited, and waited. Called them again and finally somebody was sent over to unlock my car.

    We were pretty new so I didn't really have any friends to call to help me out. I'm glad things worked out for you though!

  4. Bummer! J and I once locked ourselves out of the house when we went for a run without a cellphone or anything besides the clothes on our backs. Luckily our upstairs neighbor was there with their cell phone so we could call our landlord to come let us in!

    Look at it this way, you got Murphy out of the way now right?! :)

  5. Murphy's been MIA since shore duty, but I fully expect to find him lurking around once Hubby gets back on subs!


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