May 11, 2011

Last Date

The Man took some leave before leaving so he could get some stuff done around the house and so we could have some quality time together before he leaves.  We've been trying to get pedicures together for the past year and we decided that NOW was a good time.  Before our appointment we had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Fujiyama. SO GOOD!  I didn't take many photos because I was enjoying the time with The Man but I did manage to take a few using his cell phone.

Flaming onion at Fujiyama

The Man's favorite part...the paraffin dip

Our pretty toes
The Man decided to be wild and get his toes painted blue.  I wasn't expecting him to get any color but there ya go...the Man can still surprise me!

For my milspouse friends: 
Before you DH leaves, do you go on one last date? 
What do you like to do?


  1. Before Mr left, I made him his favorite meal with his favorite apple pie. We also spent the weekend just hanging out at home and had a few drinks. We like to stay in more then we like to go out, so it was perfect! Can't wait for him to come home so I can cook for him again! :)

  2. We don't go on dates before deployments. Mostly because we have kids and finding a sitter is uber-expensive! But also because I try to view deployment as a wicked long work day. When he gets back, however, we definitely try to get out, just the two of us.

  3. Wow that's awesome!I have been trying to get J to come with me to get a pedicure--I think he would like it :)

    Last year before J left for eight weeks we went to a winery during the day for a tasting, made dinner together and went for a long walk made parting a bit easier knowing we had a great day together!

  4. That's so funny that he got his nails polished! I'm definitely going to have to talk Mike into a mani/pedi at some point. I keep pushing back his cuticles, and then he just lets them grow back. Sigh.


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