June 19, 2011

First Night Home

The Man's first night home was laid back.  We just enjoyed being together again. It was wonderful.

I planned on having brats, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, and pickles with raspberries for dessert.  The Man was looking forward to grilling.  It was great and a perfect first meal back.

Molly was super happy to see daddy.  I brought her with me to pick him up and she had to wait in the car (it was an overcast day so no worries that she was in danger being in the car).  She was laying down looking mopey as we walked up.  She saw me first and wagged her tail as if to say "about time you're back mom!"  Then she heard the door open on the other side and as soon as she caught sight of The Man her tail started wagging like crazy.  She was so happy to have him play with her when we got home.  And when he was sitting on the sofa she was right at her feet trying to become a part of him.  I got some looks later on when we were cuddling and she had to lay on me and not him.

The Man getting love
A happy puppy getting daddy love

 It was a perfect evening!

How do you like to spend your first evening with your spouse when they come home after being gone?


  1. oh how exciting. I dont know mine comes home soon so we shall see

  2. Gotta love laid back times spent together, just enjoying togetherness after being apart. The pup looks so content :-)


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