August 1, 2011

New Bed

Since we bought a new sofa, Molly isn't allowed on it anymore.  This means she's one sad puppy.

A sad Molly puppy
She's been laying on her comforter just looking at us.  You can see that she's remembering all the times she cuddled with us on the futon.  The new sofa is just too hit for her to get up and I don't want her licking it and staining it.  We have not let her on it at all.  It makes me feel bad and sad for her.  So we decided that it was time to her own bed since she liked Chase's so much.

Molly on her new bed
We picked it up at Costco.  They used to have square ones and that's what we wanted.  When we got there they only had round ones.  For $18 we weren't going to be too picky.  When we brought it home it didn't take too long for her to take to it.

Molly can't stay on the bed
 The only issue I have with it is that it has cedar in it.  It smells great but it reminds me of the stuff we used to put in the hamster cages.  I keep getting a whiff of the cedar and am thinking that we have hamsters!  I know I'll get used to it and it's worth it to have a happy puppy!


  1. Oh, that doggy bed looks comfy and looks like she already loves it. I wish we would have banned the dogs from the couch.

  2. The cedar smell doesn't last long. It'll always be there when you fluff the bed, but it does go away after a while.

  3. Glenda always hangs off her bed! We had a cedar bed in her kennel (which is in our room) and she ate it! So when we got her a new bed to go in the living room it's just fluff.

  4. Awww she looks so happy to have her own bed! Miss Cara will have to go lay on it with her sometime :)

  5. I'm glad she's got a place of her own now. :)

  6. She looks happy on her bed. We buy our beds at Costco too--the cost of their beds are perfect! We replace ours usually about every 6 months. I actually like the cedar smell, but I'm a weirdo. :)

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  8. We bought Pugsley that bed from costco too (but he's a bit smaller, so he tends to stay on it). He was so picky though, he needed his blanket put on top of it so he could burrow still. LOL :)


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