September 15, 2011

Dad update

Thank you friends, for your kind comments, encouragement and prayers.  They mean more to me than I can say.  A thank you seems too simple but that's all I have.  Thank you.

My mom and I headed into the hospital early today (Sept. 14) so we could talk to the doctor about dad.  Let's just say it isn't good. We're not surprised.

Yesterday they were hoping to place a larger stient in his liver. They were unable to do so. There is blockage in the "tubes" that run from his liver to the intestines. This is causing the bile to just sit there. He's on antibiotics to fight infection which is always a possibility when you have stagnet fluid in the body. They were hoping to get a biopsy yesterday nut the doctor did not think it would be a good sample so they are going to try again today.  A previous sample of cells were abnormal so a biopsy will tell us more.

Due to dad's history, there is a very good chance that his cancer has returned.  We were told years ago that there was a good chance it would show up in another organ; I'm thankful that it has taken awhile to happen.  The doctor has not told us that it is cancer for sure and they don't like to use that word unless they are positive but given his history, the likelyhood is high.  Mom and I were not surprised by this as we've been expecting it.
Expecting to learn it's cancer doesn't totally prepare you though. Even though we don't know for sure and won't for 48-72 hours, we having a feeling. One of those gut feelings. He's pretty sick.  Yellow is not a very becoming color on him. 

Thankfully they were able to do a biopsy today and get a good sample.  So now we're waiting to get the biopsy results.  Once the results are in the doctors will have a better idea what they're dealing with and will be able to make a game plan to deal with it.

We're still praying for wisdom for the doctors and peace for all three of us.  Dad's still in pain but has been hungry so we're thankful for that.  We're also very thankful for the nurses.  They have been wonderful and I'm thankful for their compassion and professional care of my daddy.  Another prayer request would be for traffic; it takes us at least an hour and a half one way due to's hard and tiring.


  1. Prayers all around, PK..prayers that Dad's physicians will do everything possible to ease his pain and make him comfortable...prayers that He will watch over you and your Mom as you travel and keep you both safe.

  2. You're still in my thoughts! If you need anything at all, let me know- I'm practically in MA's backyard. I'll be hoping for the best for you, your dad, and your family!

  3. You and your family are in our prayers. I pray for peace and comfort for you all; it's such a hard situation to go through.

  4. I will be praying for you and your family as well as the doctors!! Sending hugs and comfort your way.

  5. You all are in my thoughts. And I'm hoping that the traffic gets a little easier on you guys. Its enough having to manage the stress of a loved one being in pain without traffic causing even more frustration.

  6. You know my prayers are with your family.

  7. I wish I could make it all better for you, you've been in my thoughts a lot. Hope the traffic gets better *hugs*

  8. Again, I'm so sorry that you & your family are dealing with such a challenge. I honestly can't imagine having the strength you have to handle this. You & your father are in my thoughts!!!

  9. Still hoping for the best for him. Hoping, no matter what, that he'll feel better than he does and that you and your mom can get some rest and peace.


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