December 21, 2011

Childhood Memory

When I saw the bin of loose mixed nuts, I had to buy some, even if they were ridiculously priced.  A bowl full of mixed nuts is more than just a bowl of nuts.  To me, it is reliving my childhood.  At Christmastime growing up, my parents always had a bowl of mixed nuts.  Only at Christmas because they were a special treat.  They would be out with a nutcracker (for us, cracker thingie you use for lobster.  We don't eat seafood in our house so this is a good use for us!) and the little pick thing.  The walnuts were always my favorite and the only nut I would eat.  My parents used to tell me to stop eating all the walnuts cause if I had my way there would be none left!

My bowl of mixed nuts
As I write this I'm munching on my nuts, enjoying this little slice if Christmas past....and Christmas present.


  1. My grandparents always had a bowl of mixed nuts at Christmastime too. My favorite to open were the walnuts too, but I always gave the nuts to my grandma to eat ;)

  2. I insisted on buying a bag of whole nuts and some crackers myself this  year - my childhood memories involve my Papaw sitting at the dining room table for what felt like hours, cracking and shelling nut.  I love it!

  3. I think I liked the walnuts cause they were the easiest to open! I think I would have given the nuts away too but I couldn't get away with that:)


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