December 16, 2011

The Nutcracker

For about 10 years while I was growing up, my mom, dad, aunt, uncle and I would see The Boston Ballet's Nutcracker.  I LOVED it.  The music, the dancing...beautiful.  I was sad when we stopped going.

Every Christmas when I hear the ads for The Nutcracker, I tell The Man how much I loved going as a kid and how I would love to go again.  I'd also mention that I'd love to make it a tradition.  Not once or twice, but just about every time we hear the commercial.  So being the amazing husband that he is, he bought us tickets for my birthday!  I was so surprised and shocked.  What a great birthday gift!
With the Mouse King at McCraw hall
I enjoyed The Pacific Northwest Ballet's version of the Nutcracker.  The set was beautiful, the music was amazing and the dancing was beautiful. wasn't The Boston Ballet.  Even though it's been 15+ years since the last time I went, there were parts, mostly in the second act that were very different from what I was expecting.  The Russians (as my family called them) was always a favorite of mine.  And in the Boston Ballet there is an Old Women with a huge skirt and has tons of kids underneath and they all come out and dance.  I was really looking forward to that dance...and it was missing.  I was a sad girl.  I'm also not sure there was a Sugar Plum Fairy.  I'm still a little confused on the lack of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  

The Man had never seen The Nutcracker (he had never been to a the ballet before so it was a first for him!) and he enjoyed it.  He really enjoyed the music.  Though in thinking and talking about it, I'm not sure even seeing the current Boston Ballet's show would have satisfied me, with my memories.  I'd love to go back the PNB Nutcracker next year.  I think the more I see it and become familiar with it, the more I'll like and enjoy it.  And even with my disappointments, I still had a great time and really enjoyed myself.


  1. so much fun! While in Japan we had an amazing opportunity to see the Russian Ballet perform the Nutcracker. It was by FAR the best performance I have ever seen -- but regardless, just attending a Nutcracker performance just gets you in the feeling of Christmas!

  2. I just saw the Nutcracker here in New London, and I was spoiled by the Boston Ballet, too!  It just wasn't the same.... but as far as I see it, a different Nutcracker is better than no Nutcracker.  :) 

  3. Taking my daughter to see The Nutcracker is on my bucket list.  I am determined to make it one of these years.

  4. There is a Sugar Plum Fairy, but sadly no Mother Ginger. I always tell hubby if I could take the first half of PNB's Nutcracker and put it with the second half of Kansas City Ballet's version I would have the PERFECT Nutcracker {he just smiles and nods} I think it's neat to see the different interpretations of it though, so it never gets old!


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