January 19, 2012

Great Snow Day

I think that there are a few things that are necessary to have a great snow day.  They are:

~Not having to go to work.  Extra points if you find out before your alarm goes off and you can go back to bed

~Sleeping in and cuddling2012-01-18 14.37.10

~Puppies to play in the snow 

~Hot cocoa/tea/coffee

~Video games to play

~Comfort food in the crockpot

~A husband to shovel the driveway (I offered to help but he said I didn’t need too.  I like to think it’s cause of munchkin but really, we only have one shovel)

~Warm clothes, boots and gloves

~A good book to read and a warm quilt to curl up under

~Gorgeousness outside your window to enjoy while your husband is shoveling the snow2012-01-18 09.04.49 


What you need to have a great snow day?


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