March 15, 2012

Munchkin Update

I’m almost 23 weeks and munchkin is doing well.  I’m finally showing!  The picture is me at 20 weeks.  I’m a little bigger now.  I’m also feeling her kick and move, which I’m enjoying a lot!  I love feeling her moving around.  We’re still waiting to be able to feel her from the outside but I think it will happen soon.2012-02-29 10.20.22 

With being able to feel her kick came the feeling that this is really happening!  I mean, I knew it was and hearing the heartbeat and seeing her on the ultrasound made it real but feeling her every day…that’s REAL.  I love it!  I’ve also been talking to her and that’s so fun.

So I’m finally enjoying being pregnant!  It’s so nice not being nauseous and wanting to eat.  Some foods, like bananas are no longer appealing.  However I’m enjoying OJ, grilled cheese and ice cream so I’m not complaining.  Even though I don’t look big I can tell she’s there.  Munchkin made the plane ride to and from MA a little uncomfortable.  I wasn’t able to get into a comfy position since I usually pull my legs up.  I couldn’t this time cause she was there!  I was very glad to land so I could walk and stretch out my legs.  Having an aisle seat on the return trip helped.  I’m thinking next time I’ll try not to fly while pregnant!

One thing that wasn’t so great is that the first week I was in MA I fell down 4 stairs.  It was snowing out and it was slippery and down I went.  I was feeling fine and went with my mom to her appointment but she was still worried.  So I called my doctor here in WA and they told me I should go to the ER to be monitored.  Fun.  So off we went.  I didn’t get nervous till the nurse in the ER had a hard time finding the heartbeat.  He had the fetal monitor hooked to ear things so I couldn’t hear anything and wasn’t sure if he was finding it and losing it or just not finding it.  He found it eventually but then she kept moving and he couldn’t count it so he got a different nurse to go it.  They thought she was fine but they sent me up to Labor & Delivery to be monitored anyway.  The best part of this was that Nana was able to hear the heartbeat!  She loved it.  It was strong and steady and we could also hear her moving.  She was pretty active, especially once I had some OJ.  It was so relieving to know that she was ok.  I didn’t get really upset until after when I couldn’t get in touch with The Man.  I didn’t hear from him till almost midnight.  That was hard but I was thankful that I finally did hear from him. 

I think that’s it for now…how are you doing?


  1. Oh! What a wonderful time in pregnancy! I loved feeling my little ones moving around. I sill miss it. And that's a scare falling down! I'm glad you and munchkin are okay. You take care of you two!

  2. The New "Normal"March 16, 2012 at 8:58 PM

    You look wonderful! I'm glad that you are feeling well and that things are OK after your fall. How scary, but glad all is OK! Feeling the baby's movements is so incredible and it does become so much more real at that point. Enjoy these days! 

  3. awe you look adorable!!!!! :)

  4. Thanks! Hubby just felt her for the first time last night and that was awesome:)

  5. Awe! you look so cute! I'm glad everything was okay after that fall, how scary! 

  6. Glad you're okay. Isn't it amazing to feel them move like that? :)

  7. Yay for baby bump!!!


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