April 23, 2012


The Man’s newest favorite place is the grocery store WinCo.  He LOVES it there.  We went after my appointment last week and we was looking forward to going.  Is this how we know we’re adults?  That we love to go to certain grocery stores? (In case you’re wondering, my favorite is Trader Joe’s.  Love that place. LOVE IT!)

2012-04-19 13.20.24The prices are great! We were able to get a pound of strawberries for 98 cents the first time we went.  They were delicious! And the second time?  They were $1.98.  Not to bad!  The produce is great quality.  The meats are good quality and reasonably priced as well.

These aren’t the reasons The Man loves WinCo though.  He loves it because of the bulk food section.  He just walks around the area, enthralled by the options.  My favorite item at the moment is the dark chocolate covered cranberries.  The Man doesn’t have a favorite but his mind just goes on and on with t2012-04-19 12.57.30he possibilities.  We kinda want to find a recipe with random spices just so we can go buy them in the bulk section!  You can get different kinds of pasta, flour, rice, candies, snack mixes, spices…the list goes on.  It’s a great area and I know I have to allow some time for exploration!

What’s your favorite grocery store?

What do you like about it?


  1. Sailors_ValentineApril 23, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    Trader Joe's! I miss it. We don't have them here, and they didn't have them in Hawaii either! I love the prices and the different products they offer! I also love, love, love Whole Foods.  That's North Cal girl coming out in me.  :) WinCo looks great! I think the Sailor would love the bulk too! 

  2. Never been to either WinCo or Trader Joe's but we've heard such good things that I just might have to go check them out this weekend!

  3. We luuuurve us some WinCo!! :D

  4. We just got the Trader Joe's a few months ago, so I know the pain!

  5. You should go! I think Trader Joe's...it's a whole store of amazingness:)


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