August 17, 2012

Furry Friday

I’m linking up with JC over at Me and My SoldierMan.  Be sure to go check out other cute furbabies!

I know that this is supposed to be about the furbabies and it will be.  It’s just going to include Munchkin as well!

2012-07-20 07.10.59

This is Joey all curled up with the receiving blanket that The Man brought home so the pups could get used to Munchkin’s smell.  He slept with it for days!

2012-08-01 12.10.43

Edgar still isn’t sure about Munchkin.  He keeps checking her out.  I’m glad he hasn’t written her off yet!

2012-07-17 19.45.53

Allen hoped up to get some love and found that The Man was holding Munchkin.  He wasn’t quite sure what to do but he stayed and got some love.  He doesn’t seem to mind her but leaves her alone for the most part.


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