August 13, 2012

How We’re Doing

Munchkin has been with us for 4 weeks now and we’re doing well.  It’s been an adjustment to having a newborn but it’s a good adjustment.  She is such a joy and we are enjoying her so much!086  We love just holding her and watching her.  She makes the best faces!  We’re just soaking it all in.  She’s changed so much in the past 4 weeks, I just want to enjoy her littleness (is that a word?)

Even though we’re doing well I’d be lying if I said there haven’t been some bumps along the way.  Most notably have been with breastfeeding and with lingering issues from giving birth.

The issues with breastfeeding started while we were still in the hospital.  I thought I was feeding her enough but she kept losing weight.  When she lost 14% of her birth weight they started her on supplemental formula.  I didn’t have any say, it just happened.  All I could do was sob (it still makes me cry to think about it.)  While there is nothing wrong with formula and if you choose to formula feed your child, that’s great. 2012-07-28 16.33.50 It just not what I wanted for my baby.  They had me pump and I sat there, with two bottles, pumping, feeling like a cow and I had tears running down my face.  I felt like I had failed my baby.  It was so hard.  I got a little milk and thankfully we were able to supplement with that instead of as much formula.  I kept pumping and trying to get enough to not need the formula.  I got there and she has been gaining weight ever since.  We’ve given her some formula since but it has been limited.  There have been a few times when she has drank me dry and she was still hungry so we supplemented.  I’ve gotten more ok with it, especially since she gets way  more breast milk than formula.  I’m so thankful for The Man and my mom, who have been so supportive and encouraging me in this breastfeeding journey.  It may be natural but it’s not always easy.

Part of what made it hard to breastfeed was the physical pain I was in.  I strained my neck while trying to push and my neck and shoulders were so tense for about 2 and half weeks.  There were times it hurt to look down.  It’s really hard to breastfeed when you can’t look down to help your baby latch.  It’s hard to not be able to look at your baby while she’s eating.  I was also experiencing really bad headaches, bordering on migraines.  There were times I was wincing in pain and turning my whole body to look at people.  I was trying to sleep whenever possible as sleep seemed to help. 404102_10150992751453495_1175389814_n One day I just broke down because the pain got to be so bad.  I really thought the headaches were a result of the neck strain but we now think it a complication from the epidural.  I had a wet tap (while I was getting the epidural I ended up with a hole that allowed the cerebral fluid to leak out and that can result in having a pretty bad headache.  I ended up going in and getting a blood patch (where they take blood out of my arm and insert it into my spine.  It clots and keep the cerebral fluid from leaking out.)  They weren’t keen to do one since it was 2 and 1/2 weeks later but since I was showing the symptoms and had a documented wet tap they did one.  Thankfully it helped and I have been feeling so much better!

So that’s what we’ve been up too.  There have been a few other things and I’ll share those as I get a chance.  My goal is to have at least one post a week but I’m hoping to have more than that!  I’m just going to see how it goes.



  1. She is too cute! Hang in there mama, sounds like you are doing all the right things.

  2. She's such a little doll! Love all the hair.

  3. Thanks! We love all her hair too, till she grabs a fist full and screams because she doesn't realize she's pulling her own hair!

  4. That was pretty much my experience when my milk supply was insufficient also, although mine didn't happen until 3 weeks out. I was hysterical as well. Just be prepared for a possible growth spurt in the next few weeks where all she will want to do is nurse all day. Let her and your supply will go up. I'm glad you have some good support! I'm also sorry your epidural screwed you over (especially when you wanted to do it naturally!). Glad you got some stuff fixed. I hope things get easier for you as they have for me. She is gorgeous.

  5. That last picture has got to be the cutest picture ever! Hope breast-feeding goes well!

  6. Goodness. Hope things are going better now. She looks so sweet!

  7. She's a sweetie! Giving birth and those first weeks are so rough. I remember it. Don't worry, it'll get better!

  8. And from Nana - best little Houdini girl in the world. Nana just loves her snuggles and the faces she makes even when Nana has to put her in that straight jacket they call a car seat!! Niether of us loves it but we do it. Her mommy and daddy are already wrapped around those little fingers, toes, and smiles of hers. She is just too stinkin cute!!! Love Nana's Porah baby girl.


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