September 10, 2012

Road Trip

We made our yearly trek down to Eugene, OR this past weekend to go to a Duck’s game.  I love going to games at Autzen 2012-09-08 15.51.11stadium.  It’s so fun and I love the energy and excitement. 

We drove down on Friday.  Munchkin did great during the first half of the trip as she was asleep.  We stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and it as downhill from there.  We had to wake her up and we changed her but it was really hot out.  The A/C wasn’t working so we had the windows down in the truck.  It was just really hot and munchkin was uncomfortable, even though she was only in her diaper.  There was a lot of crying (screaming really) and heartache for mommy.  I was very thankful to arrive at my brother & sister in law’s house so we could calm her down.  She was  very happy to cool down!  She slept really well that night…the silver lining of getting so upset!

2012-09-08 13.47.51Saturday we went and finally bought her some duck gear.  We got her two cute onesies, a pair of pj’s and a headband.  She doesn’t love headband but I keep trying cause eventually she’ll get used to them! 

The Man and I went to the game while Munchkin stayed with Grammy, Grandpa and her Aunt and Uncle.  I think she had a good time being spoiled by family!  It was the longest that I had been away from her and leaving her with someone other than The Man and I was really ready snuggle with her by the time we got home.  We then had a great dinner with everyone.

Munchkin also made a new friend.  Her aunt and uncle have a 11 month old Jack Russell Terrier named Cooper.  Cooper was so interested in Munchkin!  He kept sniffing her and trying to give her kisses.  Munchkin wasn’t totally sure what she thought but she did pretty well.  I think she’ll have fun playing with him when she gets older.  We also think that Joey would have a great time playing with him!2012-09-08 21.37.44

I was also able to meet one of The Man’s aunts that he hadn’t seen in years.  It was fun to meet more family.

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm glad you guys got some alone time! Sounds like you had fun at the game.

  2. So glad you were able to go the game and so nice having family to watch the baby. I love college football.

  3. Glad you two had some nice alone time! Sounds like it was fun too :) Love college football!

  4. It was fun:) College football is the best!


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