September 14, 2012

Life With A Baby

So life with a baby has been good.  Hard at times but that’s to be expected.  Some days are easier/better/more productive than others.  Other days are hard and I wonder if it will ever get easier.  Lots of people have told me that it gets easier at three months.  We’re at two so I’m 2/3 of the way there.

Today has been productive, or at least it’s felt that way.  I actually have time to sit down and write a blog post (sorry if it’s choppy.  I’m not taking the time to proofread it like I normally do because it wouldn’t get posted!)  Today I managed to:

-Go to the local Just Between Friends Consignment event and pick up some long sleeve outfits for Munchkin.  Somehow we mostly have short sleeve stuff and I know she’ll be cold.  I was able to get a few good deals.  Some items were overpriced but you just have to weed through them. I was able to shop early as a first time mom and I got there when it opened.  There was barely anyone there and it was so nice.  I was in and out.  It was nice to not have to worry about Munchkin as she was with daddy.

-Complete a load of cloth diaper laundry.  Well, everything is dry at least.  I still have to stuff the dipes but that won’t take long and I like to do it when Munchkin is away cause then I talk to her while I do it.  She just smiles and coos at me.  I love it!

-I got TWO loads of adult laundry and a load of baby laundry done. (ok, to be honest one is sitting in the basket next to me.  I’m writing this so I can avoid folding it but it will be done before I go to bed tonight!)  Two loads, plus dipe laundry in one day is a lot for me.  It might not be impressive for anyone else but it’s an accomplishment for me!

-I made dinner.  The house smells amazing from the roasted tomato and basil soup that simmering on the stove.  I think we’re going to have BLT’s with it.  Yes, I know you should have grilled cheese with tomato soup but I’m currently avoiding dairy so no grilled cheese for me.  BLT’s are the next best thing!

-I finished a book!  I’m something like 17 books behind on my goal of reading 115 this year.  It didn’t help that I didn’t ready anything for the first 7 weeks of munchkin’s life.  I’m now fitting it in while Munchkin is breastfeeding.  She tends to fall asleep while she eats.  I do love watching her but it’s nice to be productive while just sitting there too.  She eats a lot too.  There are days where I feel like I do nothing but sit and nurse her. 

-Munchkin is happy, fed and dry.  She is my number one priority and everything else that got done is just icing.

-I’m showered and dressed.  I have made it a goal to shower every day.  I think there was one or two days where I didn’t shower but that was my choice and not because I couldn’t find time. 

-Dishwasher unloaded and reloaded with dirty dishes from the sink.  I like having a clean kitchen.  Even if the rest of the house is a mess, I can handle it as long as my kitchen is clean. 

-I got this blog post written!  Someday I’ll be back and write more often like I used to but for now, it’s better to spend time with Munchkin.  She’s growing so fast and I want to enjoy every moment I can with her.

So as I read back over it it doesn’t seem like a lot.  I’m still getting used to having a baby and keeping up with the house.  I’m hoping it gets easier as she gets a little older.


  1. Haha, it doesn't get easier to keep a clean house. When they get older they make the messes nonstop. It is like trying to shovel in a blizzard!!

  2. I think you are doing amazing and munchkin should come first over cleaning any day.

  3. I remember the days of long nursing sessions! Now it's hard for me to wrangle the baby! Haha.

  4. This is true...but a mom can dream of a clean house, right?!?


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