September 24, 2012

Thoughts On Sleeping

I’ve always enjoyed sleep.  I actually didn’t have a bedtime growing up because if I was tired, I went to bed.  Even now, as an adult, I prefer 8-10 hours of sleep a night.  Naps are my best friend.

I bet you’re laughing now because you know sleep and babies are NOT friends.  They are not things you associate with each other because frankly they DO NOT go together.  It’s been about 9 weeks since I’ve had a full night of sleep.

In the hospital, munchkin never slept in the little plastic bassinet thingie they have in the room for the baby.  2012-07-22 11.15.44She either slept in my arms or on her daddy’s chest.  We might have created a monster cause it was hard to get her used to the co-sleeper when we got home.  At one point in the second week I gave in and did what I said I would never do…I  pulled her in the big bed.  I curled myself around her and fell asleep.  It was the best the sleep I ever got.  While I was nervous at first to bed share, the need for sleep continued to win out.  Munchkin joined us in bed more and more.

Now, at two months Munchkin is sleeping in her co-sleeper for the most part.  She gets put down in it to start the night.  She’ll sleep 4-5 hours before she wants to nurse.  I pull her into the big bed and nurse laying down (learning how to do this is one of the best things I’ve done!)  Some nights she lets me put her back in her co-sleeper.  Other nights she stays in bed with us.  I love waking up to her smiley face and her baby coos.

I feel like bed sharing in our dirty little secret.  When you’re pregnant you’re told over and over again how bad/dangerous it is to sleep with your baby in your bed.  Yet I have to wonder…how many of us do it to save our sanity?  There is no way I would have made it through those first few weeks without bed sharing.  In talking with friends, it’s amazing how many people have told me that they too, slept with their baby in their bed.

For us, it was what felt right and what worked for us.  We did have some people who told us it was a bad idea…that we would never get munchkin out of our bed and that she needed to learn independence.  I’m no worried about either one as she has plenty of time to learn to be independent.  As for not getting her out of our bed, there have already been nights that she’s only in our bed to nurse.  I’m not worried. 

If you are sharing your bed with your baby, please so safely.  There are guidelines to keep your little one safe.  You should make sure to keep pillows and blankets away from your little one, and you shouldn’t drink or smoke.  And did you know that it’s safer to bed share than sleep with your baby on the sofa? 

Did you bed share?


  1. Both of my kids started off in bed with us. They both transitioned to their own beds around 4 or 5 months.

  2. I never wanted to co-sleep with Evelyn and for the 1st year of her life we had her in bed with us maybe 3 times when she was sick. But she likes being in her own bed so its not a big deal. But now that she's getting old and I miss that cuddling I put her in bed with me more.
    They also tell you to not use crib bumpers well Evelyn was such a wiggle worm there was no way I could not put bumpers on her bed. Even still she gets her legs caught in the bars.
    Honestly I firmly believe we all do what we need to do. We have to make mistakes and try things out so we get it right or find what works best for our wn individual baby. I do hope though that you get some good sleep in soon!

  3. Our co-sleeping adventure started out much like yours… in fact, I could have written this very post a year ago. I love having Drew in bed with us (or just me these days) if/when he wants to be there. It's funny how we feel it's our dirty little secret, but for a nursing mother - sometimes it's all you can do to keep your sanity! Glad you're doing what's right for you and your beautiful little girl! Happy resting!!

  4. I never wanted Dominick to sleep in bed with us, but the first couple nights he wouldn't sleep in his bassinet so I did what I could to get some sleep and put him in bed with us. We both pretty much slept through the night. After realizing he wouldn't sleep in his bassinet because of the canopy we put it down and be sleeps in there like a champ. Some mornings when I still need a couple more minutes of sleep I'll put him in bed with me. I never thought I'd be that mom, but you do what you gotta do. :)

  5. I totally agree that you do what you gotta do! I think what surprised me is how much I enjoy it! I love waking up to her smiles and cooing:)

  6. It's nice to know that others are in the same boat as you! I think this is a lot more common than a lot of people think:)

  7. I saw that you, as the mom, needs to do what works for you, your baby and your family! You go mama1 You're doing a great job:)

  8. That's the time frame I'm thinking of too:)

  9. As long as you're doing it safely, co-sleeping is wonderful! I have to tell you that my baby is over 9 months now and still, every morning, she's in our bed. She starts the night in her crib in her room, but after I get up a couple times with her, I'm too tired to sit in the rocking chair to nurse, so she sleeps between us. It's great! Except when she's kicking me in the face...

  10. I did it with both of mine, though I swore I never would. Honey was out to sea by the time Thing 1 came home from the hospital, so I never worried about her being in bed with me. With Thing 2, Honey was adamant that he didn't want Thing 2 in the bed with us.. then he realized how much work those first weeks are! It only lasted a few months with us both times. I don't regret it a bit. Thing 1 is two, and literally the best sleeper I've ever seen. She loves her bed and often requests to go to bed before her bedtime. Thing 2 is almost 7 months, and won't even fall asleep unless he's in his own bed or carseat. It goes by quickly!

  11. I co-slept with my daughter until I felt like she was ready to sleep on her own. During our time together, we BOTH slept so well & she would wake up less often, I wouldn't worry as much. At around 9 months, neither of us were sleeping well, and I think we both just needed our own space. I tried putting her in her own bed, and with the exception of a few bad nights, she has been there ever since. I do not regret co-sleeping one bit. There are going to be people who agree with it and people who tell you that you shouldn't, but ultimately, YOU know your child and you have to do what's best for her [and you!].


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